Best Watches for Teenagers

Last Updated: February 2018

Before the life-changing introduction of the smartphone, wrist watches were created and utilized with the primary goal of it being used as a tool for someone. Whether that watch needed to keep a business owner to open and close on time or a young worker to be on-time for their daily job, a wristwatch needed to be dependable and a durable workhorse.

Don’t believe it? Ask your parents! We bet that either one of them needed a wristwatch at one point in time to live life and was a critical part of their adulthood.

Having a smartphone takes that responsibility away, but owning a wristwatch has another responsibility in mind: the importance of not taking things for granted. Buying a wristwatch, no matter what price, has sentimental heft as you’re spending your hard-earned money to buy something that will last you for many years. Owning a precious wristwatch will teach important aspects like the value of money, the importance of quality, and also learning more about yourself and your preferences.

It’s a great part of entering adulthood and if you happen to already love watches, well our selections will send you over the moon!

Before we start though, let us at Gracious Watch introduce some stellar brands for you to consider as these watchmakers have a solid presence and market share, which puts value and quality at the top of their values.

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Best Watches for Teenagers

Seiko & Timex

Recommended Watches for Teenagers Priced Under $100

Best Watches for Teenagers Priced $100 - $250

Best Watches for Teenagers Priced $250-$750

Best Watches for Teenagers Priced $750+

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