2013 Best Running Watches for Men under $500

2013 Best Running Watches for Men under $500

The athlete in training always wants to keep himself fine-tuned for the numerous competitive activities he has to face in order to reach star status. He trains every day or night just to perfect his body, running against the wind and against himself—beating his body hard so that he will beat all his adversaries. Even with all these training needs, he still needs to find a pause in all these activities in order for him to pursue other ventures. He needs to face the fact that even after beating his own time he has to have time for others. He needs to find that perfect device that separates his work and life.

Here listed are eight of the most amazing running watches for men from Casio to Armitron. The perfect athlete or athlete-wannabe would surely love these watches. Exceptionally durable, accurate and not to say stylish, be a stand out in the track with these running watches wrapped around those toned wrists.  Purchase one now and be the best athlete you can be in and out of the track.

1)      G-Shock GA110 Watch

G-Shock GA110 Watch

This G-Shock from Casio is a piece of art. This rugged and military looking watch is so bad-ass and edgy that it is perfect for that athlete—powerful, enduring and strong. The cross between analog and digital is perfected in this watch. Wear this during those evening runs or maybe for just a walk downtown. Extremely durable due to its innate shock resistance and durable mineral crystal window display, this will surely remain unscathed just like that strong athlete. The watch has a chronograph, a stop watch and is luminous.

2)      Casio Men’s PAW5000-1 Pathfinder Solar Power Blue Dial Watch

Casio Men's PAW5000-1 Pathfinder Solar Power Blue Dial Watch

This solar powered beauty is a stunning watch. Not to mention being friendly with Mother Nature. The watch looks so robotic and futuristic yet still sporty. This watch also has atomic timekeeping so measuring time is no longer an issue. It even has triple sensors which include an altimeter/barometer, thermometer and a digital compass—perfect for those runs in the woods. It has a full automatic LED which makes time reading a tad more easily at night. It has world time, a countdown timer, a stopwatch and an alarm. Strong resin material make up the case and the band partnered with a stainless steel bezel makes for a formidable watch.

3)      G-Shock GA100RG Series Watch

GShock GA100RG Series Watch

A sporty yet classy looking watch from Casio is perfect for that stylish athlete. The white case and band are so stylish and easy to clean. This could be worn with denim shirts, camel colors, whites and other men’s neutrals. The black analog-digital dial is well complemented by the rose-gold accents. Highly durable, the trademark G-Shock protective material makes the watch a prime investment. It is resistant to water up to 200 meters and also has a 1/1000 second stopwatch—perfect for that lap timing.

4)      G-Shock X-Large Solar GR8900 Watch

G-Shock X-Large Solar GR8900 Watch

Nothing is too bulky or large when the watch is solar powered and amazingly bad-ass. This black stunner is made of highly durable, shock resistant resin for the case and band and aluminum metal for the bezel. Japanese quartz is responsible for accurate movement. It has a full automatic LED super illuminator backlight for reading the digital display and is resistant to water up to 660 feet or 200 meters.  It has a world time feature and daylight savings. It has different measuring modes which includes a countdown timer and split time among others.

5)      Adidas Unisex ADP6034 Black Polyurethane Quartz Watch with Black Dial

Adidas Unisex ADP6034 Black Polyurethane Quartz Watch with Black Dial

Simplicity is written all over this Adidas watch. The digital face is so sleek looking because it is contrasted with a black backlight. Durable mineral crystal protects the screen. The watch also has a chronograph and a timer which is perfect for those practice runs. The polyurethane band and solid buckle clasp will ensure that the watch will not fall off when doing strenuous activity.

6)      Timex Men’s T5K588 Ironman Sleek 250-Lap TapScreen Black/Gray Resin Strap Watch

Training for the Ironman challenge has never been this easier with a Timex watch. This tap screen makes the running watch more personal and also easier. Weighing only 16 ounces, it wouldn’t be too difficult to train with this watch. Protective resin makes the watch durable and sleek looking. The Indiglo night-light makes time reading in the dark an arduous task. It measures laps and has split timing.

7)      Armitron Men’s 201437GRN Chronograph Analog-Digital Instalite Black Sport Watch

Armitron Men's 201437GRN Chronograph Analog-Digital Instalite Black Sport Watch

This is one hardy watch. This military look is perfect for that strong athlete—always battling out fitness and bodily perfection to win. The analog cross digital dial is so handy when using the countdown timer, split timing, and lap timing. It also has chronograph and Instalite features. It is water resistant up to 165 feet or 50 meters. Its luminous hands make it easier to read time. Its sturdy plastic case and nylon strap in those military colors is so amazing.

8)      PUMA Men’s PU910471001 Shift Black and Yellow Digital Watch

PUMA Men's PU910471001 Shift Black and Yellow Digital Watch

Just like its namesake the Puma, the athlete embodies the animal through his strength and raw power. The watch is so sleek and stylish. The yellow streaks and accents are a nice touch. This watch has a chronograph and a countdown timer. The polyurethane band and the durable plastic case and bezel make up a simple but enigmatic watch. The watch also includes a perpetual calendar and a dual time display.

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