2013 Best Watch Gift Boxes

2013 Best Watch Gift Boxes

Having the perfect wrapper for a gift is a plus when it comes to gift-giving. From tissue paper to printed gift wrappers for all occasions, there are many things to wrap your presents to make it all more presentable. The box is even more important. Well, sometimes it’s just thrown away because it’s just junk after the present was removed from it.

So here’s a solution to decrease the amount of garbage that’s destroying the Earth: why not do away with the gift wrappers and the cardboard box and use these amazingly luxurious and beautiful watch gift boxes? They can be displayed in their full elegant glory and protect your watches when not in use. Here are seven of the most beautiful watch gift boxes available. From rich leatherette to quality wood, there will always be a perfect box for that treasured gift. The person receiving it will be infinitely grateful.

1)      Elegant Two Door Classic Cartier Style Design Black Leatherette Watch/Bangle Gift Box

Elegant Two Door Classic Cartier Style Design Black Leatherette Watch Bangle Gift Box

This gift box is undeniably elegant. The rich black leatherette makes a much luxurious feel. The two door idea is an interesting touch. The gold Cartier style around the edge is very appealing. Smooth white satin lines the box inside which add a more luxurious feel to your gift and also protect the precious gift inside.

2)      2 Black Leather Bracelet Watch Boxes Gift Displays

2 Black Leather Bracelet Watch Boxes Gift Displays

The watch gift box is extremely luxe. The container has a vintage air to it. If you are aiming for classicism, then this is a perfect choice. The rich black leatherette has so much depth that it is perfect to contain precious items. Even so because the inside is lined with genuine American velvet! The two boxes each have their own white outer gift boxes for a better presentation.

3)      Large Watch/Cuff Bracelet Jewelry Gift Box: Carnival Collection

Large Watch Cuff Bracelet Jewelry Gift Box Carnival Collection

The vibrancy and energy of the carnival is written all over this magnificent looking gift box. The rich red color spells passion and sensuality just like the trapeze performers of the carnival. The red leatherette just makes it more tantalizing. Soft white velvet is there for the watch cuff while white satin lines the top pad. It is just romantic.

4)      Cherry Wood Watch/Bangle Jewelry Box

Cherry Wood Watch Bangle Jewelry Box

The gift box is undeniably beautiful. Made of earthy cherry wood, it is very durable and smooth. The natural redness is enhanced by the artisans who polished it to a fine finish. The elegant box’s inner sides are lined with white which will then present the watch in its full glory. The lining is so soft that it would cushion the watch well. This would be a very elegant choice when aiming for uniqueness and elegance.

5)      Single Watch Box 1 Extra Large Watch Wood Burlwood Finish Removable Cushion

Single Watch Box 1 Extra Large Watch Wood Burlwood Finish Removable Cushion

This is definitely a very beautiful gift box. The simple façade is just elegant. The rich wood makes all the difference. You know that something expensive is inside because of the container itself. The box has a Burlwood matte finish which is just perfect. It has a large compartment to fit men’s and women’s watches. The beige interior is very tantalizing. The cushions are removable too.

6)      Rowling Black Faux Leather Single Watch Case/Watch Box/Jewelry Case Box Bg034

Rowling Black Faux Leather Single Watch Case watch Box  Jewelry Case Box Bg034

This is definitely one unique box. The faux leather material has a very interesting touch because of the design details. It is just very cosmopolitan chic and fashionable. The zipper detail means that whatever precious thing inside will never ever get lost because it will be very hard for it tom slip out. The black color is just so chic. It is also a perfect hue to really bring out the colors of your watch.

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