5 Optimum Watch Cleaning Kits You Need To Know Before Buying

5 Optimum Watch Cleaning Kits You Need To Know Before Buying

Watch cleaning kits

The importance of maintaining a clean watch is greater than most people realize. This refers to both the watch’s actual case and, most crucially, its metal bracelet.

We frequently get timepieces whose owners have never cleaned or almost ever cleaned their timepiece. And the outcome is, to put it mildly, rather revolting.

When worn on the wrist, a watch is subjected to a lot of grime. This primarily manifests itself on the watch in the form of grease, dead skin, hair, and dust.

Also, because fat and oil are sticky, more dirt is drawn to it, which leads to a buildup of dirt.

Most individuals are unaware of just how filthy their watch is because the biggest dirt accumulations on watches are on “hidden” and difficult-to-access areas, like the inside of the clasp.

Why it’s important to clean your watch

You should clean your watch frequently for a number of reasons, besides the fact that it looks bad.

A dirty watch is an unsanitary watch, to start. You shouldn’t wear a dirty watch the same way you wouldn’t wear a dirty clothing.

A dirty watch also loses its original sheen and gloss, which prevents it from looking as stunning as it can.

Perhaps most significantly, keeping a dirty watch can harm the watch itself over time.

In addition to accelerating tarnishing and causing rust, accumulated dirt and grime can seriously harm the functions, particularly the spinning bezel and bracelet (if your watch has such).

When dirt settles onto the bracelet, it gets trapped inside the springs, screws, and other moving parts as well as between the links.

Thus, the dirt serves as sandpaper, increasing friction and wearing out the bracelet. As dirt gets within a revolving bezel, it increases friction and accelerates the wear and tear on the internal parts.

The fact that ancient bracelets haven’t been thoroughly cleaned is one of the reasons they frequently have a lot of stretch.

Having said that, a filthy watch is the last thing you need. You must consequently routinely clean it.

Cleaning your watch

This article also discusses how to remove dirt buildup by rinsing it frequently.

Although this is a terrific approach to take care of it, it might not always be enough to remove accumulated dirt and give it a thorough cleaning.

As a result, many watch owners choose a watch cleaning kit to maintain and clean their timepieces.

We present the top watch cleaning kits in this post to help you take care of your watch, keep it clean, stop premature wear, and maintain its lovely sheen and shine.

We’ll also give you some of our best watch cleaning advice later on.

Top watch cleaning products

20680 Blitz Watch Care Kit

A microfiber cloth, silicone leather treatment cloth, Blitz Foamz (cleaning spray), and a polishing cloth are all included in this watch care package from Blitz.

The cloths are soft and free of abrasives and harsh chemicals. It is American-made.

You can effortlessly clean your watch with the help of this watch cleaning kit. Spray some of the cleaners on, then wipe it away. This is an excellent way to stop grime from collecting on the watch.

Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Any watch collector’s accessories should have this package for cleaning watches and jewelry. Everything you would need to maintain your watch pristine is included in the Jewelry Cleaning Kit.

It comes with a soft jewelry cleaner solution and a portable polishing cloth and may be used on a variety of materials, including gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, sterling silver, and more.

The cleaning agent is devoid of harmful additives and doesn’t use harsh chemicals or ammonia. It was made to clean without endangering it or tarnishing it with harsh chemicals.

The package also comes with a cleaning brush that enables you to reach difficult and concealed areas where dirt and grime can frequently gather.

Watch Cleaning Kit

Use this watch cleaning kit to keep your timepiece sparkling. It includes cotton flannel cloths that are specially formulated to preserve and clean all types of watch bands.

These clothes are really convenient to carry about with you and can be used to clean your watch whenever and wherever you go because they have already been treated with the cleaning solution.

A special microfiber cloth is also included in the kit to clean the crystal, which is another area that frequently gathers fat and debris. The soft cloths are designed to avoid damaging or scratching the crystal.

For additional watch cleaning, it also comes with a Contents: 50ml Watch Foam Cleaner.

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution

A brush and cleaning solution are included in this Gentle Jewelry Cleaning Solution. The cleaning agent was created specifically for jewelry and timepieces.

It can be used to securely clean a variety of materials, including titanium, diamonds, stainless steel, palladium, and platinum.

There are no harsh chemicals or ammonia in the solution, and it is free of all hazardous ingredients. The removal of fat and filth is excellent with this cleaning agent.

You may either apply some of the solutions to a microfiber towel and wipe the dirt off the watch, or you can dip a soft brush into it and brush your watch with it.

The brush is gentle and provides easy access to even the most difficult-to-reach areas.

Bonus advice Professional ultrasonic cleaner InvisiClean

Watch cleaning kits are beautiful, but occasionally you need something stronger to clean your watch, especially the bracelet. A ultrasonic cleaner InvisiClean is the greatest option for this problem.

In contrast to a cleaning kit, an ultrasonic cleaner cleans thoroughly and can reach all tiny crevices and edges.

Hence, there is no better way to fully and deeply clean your watch bracelet than by using an ultrasonic cleaner. This technique will get your watch as clean as possible and is what professional watchmakers use.

What qualities ought a watch cleaning kit to have?

The majority of watch cleaning kits come with a brush, some sort of cleaning spray, and a cloth so you can wipe your watch clean.

The cleaning spray and brush allow you to get into crevices and areas that a typical cloth won’t be able to reach.

These tools are typically more than sufficient for swiftly cleaning and caring for your watch on a daily or weekly basis.

A cleaning kit is excellent for maintaining your watch on a daily basis, but occasionally, as was previously mentioned, you should also clean your watch more thoroughly particularly if you employ it frequently.

Our recommendation is to often use a cleaning kit and then properly clean your watch once a month.

To fully clean your watch, follow these steps:

  1. Your watch’s bracelet should be taken off.
  2. By tightening the crown, make sure the watch is waterproof.
  3. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of detergent.
  4. If you have a metal bracelet, place the bracelet in the basin for a few minutes and let it soak. After this, use a brush and scrub it gently and make sure you access all the hidden sections. Open the clasp so you can properly reach all locations.
  5. With the watch head in your hand, take it. Scrub the case gently after dipping the brush in soapy water. Pay special attention to places like the bezel and the watch’s back where dirt often collects.
  6. Put your watch’s bracelet back on after rinsing the case and bracelet.
  7. It has just been thoroughly cleaned and looks brand new!

Even while you can clean your watch without removing the bracelet, doing so can help you access specific regions of the watch more easily.

Such as the area behind the band where it meets the watch, which is typically particularly challenging to clean.

It is imperative to remove the bracelet in order to clean a watch that is not water-resistant. To prevent getting water on the case, do this.

By using a wet brush and exercising caution when cleaning close to the crown, you can clean the casing without allowing moisture to enter the watch.

It goes without saying, but if your strap is leather, you should avoid getting it wet. In this situation, you can clean the strap, and if it is really worn out, you can even replace it.

How frequently should a watch be cleaned?

Depending on how frequently you wear the watch, we advise cleaning it with a watch cleaning kit on a regular basis—that is, at least a few times a week.

But, you should also clean your watch using the procedure outlined above more thoroughly at least once a month.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, and other substances that could harm the watch.

It is crucial to stress that you should avoid using anything that could harm your watch or cause it to wear out too quickly in order to protect it.

Use a gentle microfiber cloth, and stay away from strong chemicals.

Naturally, you’ll prevent that if you purchase a watch cleaning kit because the tools and detergents are developed exclusively for cleaning watches and jewelry.

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