7 Tips to Buy a Quality Watch for Men – Watch Buying Guide 2018

All the watches are not meant for you. There are a lot of things to see while purchasing a watch. This article will serve as a Watch Buying Guide for you.

Watches play an important role as far as your image and personality are concerned. Just like your belt and shoes watches also have a considerable effect on how people think about you. There are many wrist watch brands already available in the market and under each brand there are thousands of watches.

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Watch Buying Guide: 7 Major Tips

Below are some of the tips related to buying a quality watch. These tips are very important for any person who is not experienced enough as far as watch purchase is concerned.


The first tip in our Watch Buying Guide is education. You may get confused with this word education  – well do not be confused.

This education is related to watch styles that are already available in the market. If you want to make a perfect watch purchase then you surely need to enhance your knowledge about watches and their characteristics. Your level of education related to different watches can be enhanced in many ways. Read our awesome article on how to wear a watch and match it with your style.

Try to perceive the value of the watch

In our Watch Buying Guide, the second criteria is to understand what is the true value of the watch. As a new buyer you may not be able to understand the true value of the watch and will ultimately end up paying high for a watch which is not worth the price which you paid for it.

To make things easier for you below we have mentioned a formula which will help you in assessing the value of the watch which will ultimately help you in making a fair purchase:

Frequency of Use * the Feelings Associated With Wearing It ÷ the Price of the Watch

Maintain your security

There is an increasing trend of online shopping nowadays, though there are many benefits of online shopping such as you don’t need to physically go to a store and the purchased item is right there at your door step. But still as a buyer you need to be extra careful as there are a lot of online fraud and the list of scammers is unlimited with regards to online shopping stores.

Under such circumstances while buying a watch, ensure that the online shopping store from which you are actually ordering or purchasing a watch is well reputed and has a good image among the masses. Buying the watch from some unknown online store will result in a negative outcome for you. The negative outcome actually means waste of time and money for you.


Ensure that the watch which you buy enhances your personal pleasure and enjoyment. Remember that the watch which you’re buying is actually an expression of your personality so buy only a watch which actually is liked by you.

People buy watches just on the basis of peer pressure or ongoing fashion which results in a bad outcome, though a watch may be expensive and branded but still it is useless for you if it does not match your personality.

Buy the watch that looks good on you and which makes you feel good, which actually matches your mind set and attitude.

Moreover it is always preferable that you buy your watch yourself, don’t take your watch casually rather consider it as important as buying a luxury car.


An important indicator of the quality watch is its mechanism, different manufacturers utilize different mechanisms while manufacturing their watches.

It is commonly seen that mechanical watches are of good quality. Another well-known mechanism is quartz, watches that utilize quartz can also be selected by you. The overall pricing of the watch is also very dependent upon its mechanism.

Case of the watch

While purchasing the watch, give special attention to the case of the watch. Ensure that it is of good quality.

The case has a fair bit of an effect on the overall quality of the watch. The reason is that the case is the main force behind the overall environmental protection of the watch.

If you search around the market, you will find watches having different case materials, some common case materials are gold, stainless steel and silver. Similarly some watch cases are also manufactured via titanium as well which further enhances the quality of the watch.

Features and Brand

You should also scrutinize the features of the watch. For example if you are a person who is a sports lover then a watch which is water resistant and which consists of stopwatch is preferable for you.

Your activities will determine what particular features will actually suit you. Nowadays due to advanced technology, watches with unique features can be found in the market very easily.

Apart from features also look for a watch which is being manufactured by a popular brand. A brand has considerable role to play as far as overall quality of a particular watch is concerned, hence it is necessary that you buy a good brand. It is needless to list the names of brands here, best watch brands are already very popular in the market.

Summing up – Watch Buying Guide

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So far, these were some of the major tips which can be very helpful to you while you are purchasing a watch, there are many other tips apart from the mentioned above as well, and however we have tried to mention only some of the major tips so that purchasing a watch can become a memorable experience for you.