8 Simple Tips on How to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Tips and Ways to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Tips and Ways to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are iconic luxury timepieces admired and adored all over the globe. Due to its noteworthy significance in the watch history, Rolex is one of the most renowned and recognized watch in the world.  Hence, Rolex is an epitome of timeless luxury and eternal magnificence.

Real Vs Fake Rolex Hands-on:

The Rolex watch is widely known as a status symbol. In fact, owning a Rolex watch is a symbol of wealth for many people because only an elite few can purchase a Rolex watch. Thus, many people have tried to imitate and replicate this luxury watch to gain profit. In many instances, identifying the difference between a genuine Rolex watch and a replica watch can be difficult and tricky. To help you spot a fake Rolex watch, here are some helpful tips and tell-tale signs you might look out for:

1. Caseback of the watch

One important thing you should remember is that genuine Rolex watch does not have a clear or skeleton caseback. Thus, the first step you should do is to examine the back of the watch. If the watch has a clear and see-through caseback, then this is definitely a fake Rolex watch. Also, if you observed that there are engravings or markings behind the watch, then this timepiece is an imitation. The original Rolex watches have a smooth caseback free of any markings and inscriptions.

2. Weight and construction of the timepiece

A genuine Rolex watch is primarily made of either platinum, 24k gold or stainless steel material. There is no original Rolex watch built with chrome, gold-plated or chrome-plated material. Hence, if you see a chrome or two-toned Rolex watch, then there is a very high certainty that this is just a replica watch. Likewise, an original Rolex watch has relatively heavy weight since it is made of high quality materials. Thus, you will know that is a fake Rolex watch if it is light weight and flimsy.

3. Quartz dial movements

Another thing you should remember is that original Rolex watches have an impeccable and smooth second hand movement. The fake inexpensive watches can be easily recognized if the second hand has a faulty and imprecise movement. Also, genuine Rolex watches do not have the traditional “tick tock” sound like the other watches.

4. Date Magnification feature

An authentic Rolex watch features a cyclops date window which magnifies the date by two and a half times. Most counterfeit Rolex watch does not have this feature in the dial while other fake watches usually magnify the date by only one and half times.

5. Triple lock crown seal

One remarkable feature of the Daytona, Submariner, and Sea-Dweller Rolex models is the additional crown seal in between the winders on the side. Most of the imitations do not have this feature while other fake Rolex watches include a phony crown seal that has no practical purpose.

6. Micro-engraved crystal and 3D hologram sticker

Since 2002, Rolex has etched a micro logo on their standard watches. The Rolex coronet symbol is located in the crystal below the six o’clock position. Since the marking is too small, it is barely seen by the naked eye but can be identified through magnification. Likewise, the authentic Rolex watch has a 3D hologram of the Rolex crown at the caseback. The hologram on the genuine watch has pattern changes when viewed from different angles. These trademarks are so accurate and precise that is why counterfeit models are having difficulty replicating these details accurately.

7. Made in Switzerland

Most of the genuine Rolex watches are made in Switzerland. This is specified by a ‘Swiss Made’ mark below the timepiece. Thus, you should check the manufacturer’s mark on the watch. If it says ‘Made in China’ or any country that manufactures cheap products, then you should doubt the genuineness of this Rolex watch.

8. Case Reference Numbers

Original Rolex watches have serial and case reference numbers engraved in between the lugs of the case. The inscriptions in the authentic Rolex watch are very detailed and smooth while the markings in the fake watches are crudely and roughly engraved into the case.

In order to be a hundred percent sure about the authenticity of the Rolex watch, you can bring it to a certified appraiser shop. This is the most reliable way to know if your Rolex watch is fake or authentic.

Spot a Fake Rolex

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