A Basic Introduction on Invicta Watches

A Basic Introduction on Invicta Watches

The Invicta Watch Group is a company which originally formed in 1837 by a Swiss man named Raphael Picard. The company continued to do business in Switzerland until it was bought out by an American-based investment company in 1991. Headquarters were then moved to Florida, and although the company changed hands, Eyal Lalo, remained the president. He is a third generation watchmaker whose family has had long ties with Invicta, and there are several of his relatives still working for Invicta.

Pricing & Models

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Invicta watches come in a variety of designs, colors, and prices. While you can find most Invicta models around $200 or less, some go from $400-$1,000. If you find a design you like, it’s easy to put the model name or number into a search engine and find the best deal, or many traditional brick and mortar stores carry them as well. Invicta tends to release many new models and designs frequently, so there is something for just about everyone.

A Quality Timepiece or Not?

Invicta is one of those brands of watches that have some very loyal customers as well as some who dislike their timepieces, and not too many people are in between. Although the watches are made well, most are inexpensive enough to not worry much if you were to lose it or happen to get rough with it. The more expensive the model, the better it is made and this should be taken into consideration when purchasing one.


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Many people don’t care for the size of Invicta watches as they can tend to be on the larger size and weigh a bit more than some of their competitors. Due to this, if size is an issue for the purchaser, it may pay to take this into consideration when buying an Invicta online. Purchasing one from a traditional retailer will give the buyer the feel and weight of it on the wrist, whereas buying online can lead to some surprises when the actual package arrives; so if buying online, it’s important to be very clear about the return policy of any given retailer.

Social Responsibility

Whether you like the styles and swear by Invicta or not, there is no disputing they are a good, charitable company. The company routinely gives back and they donated over $125,000 to the American Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina, helped poverty stricken communities in Ecuador, and have shipped free watches to U.S. soldiers serving overseas. For anyone who is on the fence about buying an Invicta, these charitable ventures may help to sway them over.

When You Decide to Go with Invicta

Invicta Men's 9211 Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch 1Invicta Mens 9211 Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch. Only $355.00 $61.60 (Save $293.40, 83%) today. Check out full review.

It’s important to remember when you decide to buy an Invicta, price point is directly related to quality. There are multitudes of watches to choose from and as with most any type of item, the less you pay, chances are good the lower the quality you will get. When you begin to get into the $400 and up range, the quality of Invicta watches greatly improves. Keeping this in mind when purchasing will greatly improve the chances of being happy with the watch chosen.

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