A Basic Introduction on Michael Kors Watches

A Basic Introduction on Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors is a well known fashion designer who was educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He is best known for his sportswear designs for women, although his lines include handbags, footwear, jeans and watches. He has five boutiques throughout the U.S. and his products are sold in a variety of stores as well as online. As Michael Kors is most notably a fashion designer, these watches are considered more of a fashion statement rather than an investment that can be passed on for generations.

Price Point

Michael Kors Men's MK8107 Oversize Black Silicone Runway Watch 1Michael Kors Men’s MK8107 Oversize Black Silicone Runway Watch. Only $195.00 $165.00 (Save $30.00, 15%) today. Click link to check out full review

Prices for Michael Kors watches begin in the low $200 range and go up to $550. The cost is not necessarily dependent on the quality as much as the name. As many stars from Hollywood have been spotted in his designs, the Michael Kors brand is something that is recognized and worn more for the name instead of as a quality timepiece made by a company with a long tradition of watch making. Most notable watchmakers have been in business for well over a hundred years and along with their time in the business comes a knowledge and quality that aren’t easily matched, even though a popular name may be on the face of the watch.

Colors and Designs

Michael Kors Men's MK8108 Oversize White Silicone Runway Watch 1Michael Kors Men’s MK8108 Oversize White Silicone Runway Watch. Only $195.00 $162.63 (Save $32.37, 17%) today. Click link to check out full review.

Michael Kors watches come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Some of them are definitely unique in their looks, and he seems to be a fan of the color rose gold. There are numerous colors on the faces of his watches from white to black and everything in between, including hot pink. Many of his watches have chronographs and the majority are made of stainless steel. The watch line has both men’s and women’s watches, and the name is typically predominantly spelled out on the face of the watch, and occasionally this goes along with the initials MK boldly across the face of the watch with the name spelled out below. Again, it seems as if you’re paying for the name only.

Social Responsibility

Michael Kors MK8077 Gold-Tone Men's Watch 1

Michael Kors MK8077 Gold-Tone Men’s Watch. Only $250.00 $184.95 (Save $65.05, 26%) today. Click link to check out full review.

Michael Kors has received several honors throughout his life from various organizations for his charitable work with both AIDS/HIV patients and for cancer research. While this doesn’t impact the quality of any given watch, it may make a difference to those who enjoy doing business with companies or their owners that give back to their respective communities.

A Watch to Pass on for Generations?

There are timepieces bought with the intention of passing them down for generations. Many of these watches are made by watchmakers or companies who have been in business for many years. They tend to have a classic look to them that will still be in style 50 or even 100 years from now. They are made with precision timing and often contain the best materials possible, from the face to the bezel to the band, and everything in between. Unfortunately, a Michael Kors watch doesn’t fit this description. While it may last long enough to pass on, the classic style is missing as is the background in horology.

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