A’ Design Award – Winning Clock Designs and Call for Participants

There are lots of professional design competitions that creators are eager to participate. But there is actually the most respected one. A’ Design Award is the world’s largest, most prestigious and influential design privilege.

As winning in A’ Design Award competition considered as the highest achievement in the design sphere we selected several winning designs in watches and clock industry.


TTMM for Fitbit Clock Faces

The TTMM is a collection of 21 original clock faces dedicated for Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic smartwatches. Thanks to smartphone connection clock face not only shows time but also date, week day, heart rate, steps, activity time, distance, calories, floors, temperature in your city and battery status. TTMM clock faces have complications settings just with a simple tap on screen. This makes them very easy to customize color, design preset and complications to user preferences.


IMNU Wall Clock


The clock runs with a special reconstructed clockwork which allows the clock hands to spin from the outside. It took quite a while and finding a solution for the clock to work. The designer worked together with a specialist for clockworks on this design challenge which resulted in a successful joint collaboration.


The Dialogue Clock

As in a dialogue between people – there are two different positions: they are changing in time, but they are in the connection with each other. This idea found its reflection in the clock design. The Dialogue clock fits naturally into any style of interiors. It can be used both for public and private spaces. Ergonomic forms and the monochrome color combination makes it easy to read time from a significant distance.


Relativity Temporal Clock

Relativity adjusts the user’s time perception through a method related to hypnosis. The machine changes its working speed according to the unstable heat of the fire, driving the clock to run at different speed. A series of metal clanking sound and the moving clock hands reset user’s time perception and hint a more proper speed of time. Therefore, one can have a preferred sense of time for different scenario.


Bovet Clock Tower

The tower’s shape is a contemporary interpretation of a classic clock tower. Its Moebius strip represents the conception of infinity and the eternal cycle of time. Depending on the perspective, this theme is further reinforced by the perceived shape of an eight, a symbol of luck and fortune in Chinese culture. In association with Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Bovet, designers developed a five-meter clocktower installation. Placed in the Asterium Towers of Seoul’s Yongsan Business District, it serves both as an attraction and a meeting point.


The majority of the clocks winning the awards are more to art objects with high attention to design and details.

Worth mentioning that all the winning designs receive not only a certificate of appreciation, fame, prestige, recognition, credibility, publicity and international awareness but real value in a form of extensive winners’ kit that includes huge PR coverage by press, blogs and magazines as well Award Trophy and a ticket to Gala Night.

Anyone interested in participating in such a great professional competition don’t waste your time and submit your works here.