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Gracious Watch is dedicated to celebrating the wristwatch. From exciting affordables to horological heavyweights, we are committed to sharing our passion through engaging and honest content, editorials, comparisons, and reviews.

Founded in 2010, Gracious Watch was reborn in 2018 with a renewed focus in hands-on experiences and interesting insight into timepieces worth wearing.

What Will You Find Here?

  • Brand guides – Learn what makes your favorite brands tick. Our brand guides dig into the history of a watch brand and dives deep into their strengths and differences.
  • Curated watch picks – There is a lot of choice out there for someone looking for their next watch. Our contributors curate great watches based on specific themes or price-points.
  • Buyers guides – Dive deep and learn what to look out for when considering your next purchase.
  • Notable watches – From standout timepieces to watches worn by world leaders, we love calling out some of the more notable examples of horology.
  • Style guides – Find the perfect watch to match your sense of style. We hand-pick great watches across a variety of price-points.
  • Watches for her – Highlighting the best of what’s available for the fairer sex.


Cameron Martel

Cameron Martel

About Me

I’ve been a watch fan since I got my first one, a Casio CA-53W Databank. I thought I was the coolest kid in the fourth grade with mine, and in a time before smartphones, I suppose I was probably the only kid around with a calculator on his wrist.

In 2013 I founded WYCA,  a review website focused on watches priced under $1,500. The idea came to me when I was researching a watch purchase and was having a hard time finding a reliable source of reviews for watches that I could afford. Not finding what I was after, I decided to solve that problem and take care of it myself.

Since then I’ve reviewed more than 150 watches hands-on, and in a given month I tend to have 2-4 new review watches in the rotation. Before posting a review, I make sure a watch gets at least 6 weeks of frequent wear. I prefer to speak to my experiences because you never know how something really is until you try it yourself.

I currently have 52 wathes in my collection – a mixed bag of affordables, really – and love giving away watches to people that appreciate them. To date, I think I’ve given away more than 50 watches.

When I’m not reviewing and photographing watches, I’m in the gym or working on one of my personal or client-facing projects.


  • Content Creator & Internet Marketer
  • Canadian

Connect With Me

Don Camacho

Don Camacho

About Me

My first watch was a Guess-branded Timex Indiglo. While it might be insignificant today, it means the world to me- I still have it to this day.

With technology advancing each day, I am a person that appreciates the simpler things in life: wristwatches.

I started writing for Gracious Watch and WYCA in 2017, and through these mediums, I am able to share my passion for wristwatches and watch technology of all kids.

It’s always neat to learn about the technologies that power modern wristwatches; about the ingenuity involved in creating horological marvels. Every watch release has its own flair, and the inner-need within me adores how so much technology can be crammed into such a small package.

I’ve traveled the world as a horological tourist and have visited places where horology is the lifeblood of the economy. Seeing places where time is not only a big deal, but of the essence, has taught me how culture plays a major role in the importance of time. Wristwatches are more than jewelry: they’re an integral component of a larger cultural shift.

My personal collection is eccentric (to say the least), but mostly vintage. There’s just something about a beat-up watch that appeals to me, as if it could talk it would tell amazing stories about the experiences its lived. That’s what I find most appealing in a watch.

Outside of the timely, I enjoy being outdoors or driving my classic Mini Cooper.

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