About Us

Gracious Watch is a small team of watch enthusiasts who provide authentic reviews of the amazing watches we come across every day. We try to keep up to date with the fast paced nature of the watch industry, delivering the latest news about launches, new models and trends in the market.

We also get you the best deals available around the globe, with discounts as high as 90%. Thus, we work not only to provide you quality information, which is good for you, but also sharing the deals which will save you real money. We used to work with a number of partners, but more recently have focused on the most reliable source in the world, our friends at Amazon.com.

We are a group that works towards excellence in service, and thus we make sure that we provide you the right and correct information presented in a crisp form, which is interesting to go through and is definitely not a boring read. We are also determine to provide the most accurate information on the watches. Providing a complete virtual experience so that while sitting in front of any browser, you don’t miss the actual feel of watch and your imagination powered by our words can get you exactly the experience you desire for. We all are working towards improving every aspect of your experience with this website, and thus we assure you that we will continue to enrich your experience with added features, more reviews, and better deals. We at GraciousWatch.com bring out the best experience to you; all you have to do is stay in touch with our website!

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About the Founder:

Hi, I am Jeremiah Say, a graduate from Casino School in 2008, majoring in three table games, European Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. A resident of the beautiful country of Singapore, I am passionate about watches and always look forward to share this passion with everyone around. I love to help people around selecting their watches, so I thought why not share this passion all around the world, so here I am with this website.

Currently, I am the main writer for GraciousWatch.com, and if any of you ever visited the website, you’ll be familiar with my work and how I love to help everyone in selecting a watch, which not only reflects their personality, but adds on to it. I am a genuine watch lover and I genuinely want my visitors to choose the best watch that matches them the most, I always intend to provide my visitors with the best review possible. I review watches as per my understandings of the watch without any adulteration providing you with a right on review from my perspective.

I can also assure you that me and my team works towards bringing you the best, so we make sure that all the reviews, deals and other information provided by us are all from genuine sources. Years of playing around with watches, sharing my opinions with others, taking their opinions into account, have given me a sense of what feels good on whom and thus I am here to share it with you guys.

I love to bring new things on to the table and I love doing business, so I thought up of something, which combines my passion, my love and my little knowledge to bring to you GraciousWatch.com, a business venture that works towards improving every aspect of your experience in this very website, and thus we assure you that we will continue to enrich your experience with added features, more reviews, and better deals.