Bringing Love & Passion to the Wrist


In additional to a good craftsmanship of a timepiece, we also strongly believe in the quality, extrinsic value, design and inspiration of a watch.

We believe that every watch is special and every watch has a different story to tell (regardless of their price).

A timepiece is a very subjective and controversial valuable. What may look like a remarkable one to John may not be as remarkable to David. And what may look unique to May may not be as unique to June.

Our goal at Gracious Watch is to bring you more information so you can make a better decision to bring love and passion to your wrist. An eye-candy timepiece that you will fall in love subconsciously.

We only have one advise to all of our readers: Dare to be different.

Don’t settle and don’t let the thoughts of others affect your decision making. Don’t buy a watch because 3 of your best friends bought it or daddy wants you to buy one. Buy a watch because you think people will take you seriously if you wear that particular one, because you think it is special and extremely attractive to you. Go make love with it.

Dare to be different because different is beautiful. 

How We Bring Love to the Wrist? 

Interview with Startup Companies

We try our best to help micro brands and start-up companies bring their timepieces to life, we do so by conducting online interviews with the founder, CEO or executive of the company. The interview will be reached out to our readers via social medias, newsletters and occasionally via the Press.

We believe in quality, affordability and most importantly we believe in being different.

Some of the micro brands today fit our criteria and they are extremely underrated. That is why we chose to help these start-up companies bring their brands to life without charging them or asking them to pay premium advertising spot on Gracious Watch.

Interested in micro brands? Here are some of our interviews we did with start-up companies:

  • Watch Buying Guides & Genuine Reviews

We wrote articles on Watch Buying Guide (Swiss Version here) to help our readers make an easier decision to buy their first or next timepiece. The watches in these sections are mostly from mainstream brands.

We do a simple write-up on the watches without ‘forcing’ our readers to buy what we think are nice. Readers can gather enough information on the particular watch by going through our unbiased reviews.

But if readers have very limited knowledge on watches then they can simply rest-assured and choose a beautiful timepiece from our picks – you’ll know that our picks are good.

These guides (and reviews) are written to make life easier:

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