The Accessories Every Modern Gentleman Needs


There’s a myth that embellishments are only for the ladies, but every refined, modern gentleman—and watch aficionado—knows that’s simply not true. Take a look at some of these tried-and-true accessories to help keep it all looking put-together.

Bar Essentials

If you’ve ever watched Mad Men then you know there’s something undeniably timeless about drinking bourbon out of a set of rock glasses. The refined gentleman understands that being a good host means perfecting presentation, so having a nice set of glasses for entertaining is a must. And, whether at home or on the go, a modern man always knows how to make a killer cocktail. Keep an Old Fashion Carry-on Cocktail Kit on your person for an emergency cocktail wherever you may find yourself. These kits come with all the trimmings of a classic Old Fashion — bitters, cane sugar, and muddler. The only thing you’ll have to hunt down is the hard stuff.

Necktie Roll

The art of dressing well begins with well-fitting, high-quality clothes; however, a smart guy knows that you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to look put together. Keeping your garments unrumpled is a trade secret to always looking good. Having a necktie roll, for instance, is an excellent way to ensure your neckties remain un-creased and in tip-top shape, either in transit between gym and the office or when travelling.

Sports Jacket

A good sports jacket is the ultimate staple in the modern man’s wardrobe. While it doesn’t have to break the bank, it absolutely must fit well.  Don’t get discouraged if you struggle to find one that fits just right. A good tailor can work magic and get that jacket looking like it was custom made.


Much like clothes or shoes, a man can never own too many cufflinks. These should be an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. Your dressing table should include a pair to compliment every ensemble, from the black tie affair to the annual meeting with the partners. Don’t be afraid to include pieces that show off your personality as well. There are endless unique options out there; however, it’s good to have a few classic, everyday standbys as well as a pair you reserve for special occasions.


What would this list be without listing a watch? With a smartphone in nearly every person’s pocket some may question why a watch is still even considered an essential. Mainly, it’s one accessory that a man can wear every day. There are thousands of brands and models to choose from, but a watch that matches modern style is really as much a personal statement piece as it is the finishing touch on a well-chosen assemble.

Beard Kit

At one point in time, a true gentleman would only ever sport a clean-shaven face. Facial hair was for bums and those on vacation. But, today, recent trends have made whiskers a bit more acceptable. And although mustaches and beards are being spotted more frequently on professionals and trendsetters alike, a refined man keeps all parts of his person well-groomed. Replete with specialized cleansers, cologne, beard and mustache oil, balm, and a set of brushes, a good beard kit is an essential set of tools for the man who enjoys working with his natural attributes.

Pea Coat

If you live in a warm climate, a sports jacket is usually more than enough to keep you covered and classy. However, for those that live in chillier temperatures, a pea coat is a must-have, classic coat style that’s been worn by some of history’s most popular, iconic figures. Think James Dean, Steve McQueen and Robert Redford. Put simply, the pea coat is the tuxedo of winter wear.


A gentleman would never pair gym socks with his dress shoes, nor would he pair running shoes with jeans. The modern man knows his footwear and how to match accordingly. But, don’t worry about trying to be too conservative. Dress socks can make a statement as long as you follow this rule of thumb: socks should match the slacks, not the shoes. So go wild, and make sure to always keep a well-stocked sock drawer.

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