Affordable Cartier Watches for Women (Under $3,000)

Best Affordable Cartier Watches for Women

Cartier is a strong brand and the benchmark for many jewelers and watchmakers out there. Since 1847, they have create iconic watches like the Cartier Tank or the Baignoire. They are known for being a top-tier jeweler and their timepieces are not overlooked. Cartier watches are impecable in quality, design, and traditionalism.

And we did find some affordable examples, for under $3,000. I think you need to consider some of these examples and take a look!


Top 7 Cartier Watches for Women Under $3,000

Hands On With Our Favorite Affordable Cartier Women’s Watches

1. Cartier Ronde Solo Ladies Steel Watch W6700155

Cartier Ronde Solo Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

To start things off, here’s a black textured bracelet strap watch for you.

This Cartier Ronde Solo Ladies Stainless Steel Watch is an elegant design by Cartier that keeps everything nice and organized. With the Roman Numerals on a black on white dial, you’re surely going to keep time perfectly every time.

Not to mention the elegant appeal of a black leather watch on a woman who wants to be taken seriously on meetings, at work, and even at charity balls or what have you after all the work is done. I’d say, it’s a foolproof gift for your wife or to your special someone.

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2. Cartier Women’s W3140024 Miss Pasha Blue Dial Watch

Cartier Ronde Solo Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

When Cartier decided to have a refreshing take on a silver watch, nobody warned us that it would look this amazing.

This Cartier Women’s Miss Pasha Blue Dial Watch is an eye catcher because of the unique craftsmanship on the chain link bracelet. It looks tough, but it does not, in any way, take the feminine appeal away from the watch. It’s still a gorgeous watch that could be worn day in and day out, without having to worry that it might break. This Cartier Women’s W3140024 Miss Pasha Blue Dial Watch is equipped with only the best quartz movement, durable sapphire crystal that protects the watch from scratches, and water resistance for up to 30 meters or 99 feet.

It may be a women’s watch, but it sure is sturdy enough to withstand the challenges that a clumsy or busy owner can bring. Well, both, if that’s also what you are, like me. Who can forget the gorgeous blue dial? It’s the thing that makes this Cartier watch stand out from regular glammed out silver watches. a watch for the elegant, graceful, and sophisticated woman like you.

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3. Cartier Tank Solo Ladies Watch W5200021

Cartier Tank Solo Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A watch with an interesting snakeskin pattern, this Cartier Tank Solo Ladies Watch is a keeper.

It has the snakeskin leather pattern not only on the bracelet, but goes on to the face of the watch, giving it that continuity that we don’t see very often in most watches. And that, my ladies, is why it’s Cartier. It gives you a unique take on a classic leather watch, without being overdone. The great craftsmanship on this watch assures you that the watch won’t break just like that, and the name keeps its promise to give you only the best luxury watches.

The buckle closure is not your usual, belt-like buckle, but shaped like a “C” to remind you that this is no ordinary watch, but a Cartier which adds to your elegance, sophistication, and finesse. I’d definitely recommend this watch for the woman who wants to stand out without sacrificing elegance on the way.

It’s equipped with sapphire dial window, making sure that this watch can withstand even the greatest pressure. Definitely in keeping with the ivory python pattern theme. Tough elegance for the tough woman.

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4. Cartier Women’s W5200005 Tank Solo Leather Strap Watch

Cartier Women’s W5200005 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A textured dark brown bracelet, a sleek square face encased in silver stainless steel—that’s the Cartier Women’s Tank Solo Leather Strap.

It’s equipped with quartz movement, durable sapphire crystal, and water resistance for up to 99 feet or 30 meters. Of course, who would want to swim with this exquisite luxury watch on, right?

It’s a watch of its own class, perfect for everyday wear. the roman numerals on the face of the watch is simply exquisite, while the square shape of the face is a refreshing change to the usual round silver stainless steel. The blue seconds and minutes hands give a surprising accent, and also function to keep you from glancing for too long to check the time.

And just because this Tank Solo Leather Strap watch is…well, leather, it doesn’t mean that it has to be buckle closure like the rest of the leather watches out there. It’s a deployment push button clasp. This watch is great to pair with anything because of its versatile design, and is not too flashy or too gimmicky to keep you from looking classy.

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5. Cartier Women’s W3140025 Pasha Classic Analog Watch

Cartier Women’s W3140025 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Last but not the least, this elegant looking black and silver watch with delicate blue accents by Cartier is something you’d definitely love to bring out to dinner dates, formal dinners, and other events that require a fancy watch.

Equipped by quartz movement, stainless steel case, and scratch resistant sapphire, this watch definitely comes with knockout features. And it just doesn’t have that price tag for anything, not just the name. It’s a watch that blends casual feel with its black leather bracelet and of course, the silver stainless steel face that is sleek and shiny.

The blue hands and crown gives an interesting accent to the watch, and so does the lock on the crown. The face with the black on white simple design keeps everything neat and classy, yet fashionable without giving too much away. It’s a great watch with interesting design, taking the black leather strap watch to a whole new twist, without sacrificing timeless beauty.

This is definitely a watch that spells Cartier elegance all over it. Well, the face has the name and the buckle closure is also on a C shape.

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