Affordable & Cheap Gold Tone Watches for Women (Under $100)

A certain marketing strategy marketed diamonds as the next it thing for women. “Diamonds are forever” was the tagline of that particular advertisement for diamond engagement wedding rings. It is true that diamonds can exist forever but then golden rings represent eternity when used in weddings. Which is more important then? I say gold.

Gold evokes the spirit of luxury, royalty and longevity. When you see gold, you can say that the golden object is precious. The way the light reflects of the lustrous surface and plays around your face gives it a strong allure that has an almost unbreakable pull. From gold treatments for arthritis to golden flakes for your face, gold can be found even in the mundane. It is important to human civilization. Now, we can’t really bring around the city a gold block but you have accessories to make yourself more beautiful there are jewelry abound for every woman’s taste. But these jewelries just hang there and dazzle others. A nice way to carry gold would be through a watch—functional and subdued.

Here are 7 of the affordable gold wrist watches available for women in the market. What is more amazing is that they are below $100!

1. GUESS Women’s U85110L1 Dazzling Sporty Mid-Size Gold-Tone Watch

GUESS Women's U85110L1

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Guess brings sexy to every article of clothing they have. This fashion powerhouse does not exempt their fashion accessories. This Guess wrist watch certainly lives up to its name! It is dazzling as it is sporty. The finely brushed golden hued stainless steel case and bracelet immediately draws the eyes! The golden bezel is encrusted with 30 crystals. With its quartz movement, this wrist watch will be very effective in timekeeping. The wrist watch even has a chronograph function. This water-resistant watch can tolerate the effects of water to 100 meters or 330 feet.

2. Anne Klein Women’s AK/1060CHGB Round Gold Tone Watch

Anne Klein Women's AK-1060CHGB

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Anne Klein has produced collections of feminine collections. Her watch collection is not an exception. With her expertise in feminine forms, she has made a beautifully elegant wrist watch. The gold-tone adjustable link bracelet and the case come at a very nice hue and gradient of gold. It does not overpower the wearer. The champagne gold dial is exquisite. The stick hour markers offer a clean look. The whole wrist watch would be a nice addition to a growing collection of fashionable watches. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters or 99 feet.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s 1781139 Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Women's 1781139

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As a gift to a loved one or as a treat for yourself, this beautiful Tommy Hilfiger wristwatch is a total must-have. The silhouette is classic making it undeniably timeless. The dial’s face is simplistic and is subdued. It doesn’t scream to get attention because its silent call will draw the eye in. The analog display can be read easily. The gold dial is protected by a protective mineral crystal window. You shouldn’t be worrying of scratches when you have this watch.  The stainless steel construction is gold-plated. You can wear this with office wear and formal wear, or even simple blue jeans and a white button-down shirt. You just made a big statement. It is water-resistant to 99 feet.

4. Breda Women’s 2308-Gold Jordan Oversized Boyfriend Gold Watch

Breda Women's 2308-Gold

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Sometimes women’s watches are overrun with small and dainty watches. What if this doesn’t suit your personal style? Breda offers this Jordan oversized boyfriend watch for the adventurous girl. It is chunky and has a big face and wide link bracelet! It has high quality quartz for monitoring time. You will never be late for important events if you just follow your watch. The dial has three non-working dials—they are just there for design and detail. The clasp is a strong fold-over clasp with a double push-button for safety.  With the mineral crystal, the golden face will always be protected.

5. Fossil Women’s ES2683 Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Gold Glitz Analog Dial Chronograph Watch

Fossil Women's ES2683

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If you want something glitzy yet functional and practical at the same time, Fossil offers you this Gold-tone stainless steel wrist watch. What’s nice about this wrist watch is that it has a chronograph. This will allow you to measure an event independent of the time continually running. It can do this for up to 24 hours! It has these three sub dials for this particular purpose. Be glamorous with this Fossil watch’s crystal encrusted bezel. And you can get it wet with liquids up to 220 feet or 100 meters.

6. XOXO Women’s XO5465 Rhinestone Accent Gold-Tone Analog Bracelet Watch

XOXO Women's XO5465

With its generous helping of rhinestone crystals on the bezel and on three links on each side of the bracelet, you will surely catch people’s attention! The bezel alone has two rays to encircle the fancy dial. This is the ultimate accessory. The font for the hour markers are a nice detail when using the Arabic numerals. It also has a mineral crystal window to protect the sunray dial. Go for shock-value with this wristwatch!

7. Invicta Women’s 12820 Pro Diver Gold Dial Diamond Accented Watch

Invicta Women's 12820

Invicta has been a stalwart of watch creation and they have never ceases to amaze consumers all around the world. This watch is a diver’s watch making it resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet of water. Bring this on holidays for your diving escapades! The whole unit itself is ion-plated with 18 karats worth of gold. It also has 15 white diamonds on the bezel and a date window. It has quartz for its movement and a durable mineral crystal that can withstand great pressures. Who says you can’t be fashionable underwater?

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