Anne Klein Women’s 109168WTWT Gold-Tone and White Leather Strap Watch Review

Anne Klein Women's 109168WTWT Gold-Tone and White Leather Strap Watch
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Review Summary:

A classy-looking, feminine, and elegant watch perfect for everyday wear, this time piece from Anne Klein is definitely worth your money.


  • All it takes is one look. This classic design from Anne Klein is just a work of art—the gold and white go well together to make a bold yet toned down statement to complete your look.
  • This watch is great for office, school, or even during the weekends. You can just go straight from work or school to a night out without having to spend more time thinking about changing accessories.
  • The oversized face goes well with any wrist, may it be small, medium, or large. The white calfskin leather band tones down the large face so it becomes a versatile watch, perfect to give as a gift. Even for yourself.
  • With the white background on its face and gold writings, looking at the time will never be a problem. One squint down at your wrist and you’re good. You won’t have to miss a thing or walk into that annoying clear glass door whenever you’re looking at the time.
  • The analogue format of this watch adds to its classic drama—roman numerals on the 12, 3, 6, and 9 numbers, and lines for the rest, it’s vintage with a pop of modern with its gold accents.
  • Paired with a dainty white dress, or a sultry figure-hugging pencil skirt, pumps, and loose top for work, your look just exudes…elegance.


  • The white calfskin leather may become yellow or dirty with continuous use. If you’re usually getting your hands dirty, I’d recommend you using a different watch. Would you really risk getting stains around the leather strap and waste an elegant Anne Klein timepiece like this? I don’t think so.
  • It’s not waterproof either, so be careful when you’re cleaning the watch. Moist may damage the mechanism too, so be sure to wear it at times when you’re not exposed to varying weather.
  • The calfskin leather is known for its good quality, but I strongly discourage you from wearing this watch over a long period of time outdoors. Sweat makes the leather smell funky, and, over time, may even make the strap brittle.
  • You might not be able to change the strap when this white one gets damaged, because the gold accent comes with the design of the watch. Some watch repair shops might not know how to change the leather strap without altering the design.
  • All in all, it’s a very nice, feminine watch, so you can’t really be wearing this and doing manpower-intensive things. If you’re the type of person who deals with dirt, paint, or something that stains white leather, it’s best to just leave this watch in your purse before you do that.

A classy-looking, feminine, and elegant watch perfect for everyday wear, this time piece from Anne Klein is definitely worth your money.

Editor rating

Rated 5 stars

User rating

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