Are Citizen Watches good? Best watches under 500 Review and Comparison Chart

Wearing a wristwatch has been an integral part of lifestyle. When comes to buy a wristwatch, one thing comes to mind, which one is better.  Citizen watches can be solution. You may be wondering about the quality of citizen watches. One thing may come into mind- are citizen watches good? We have done this work for you.

Top 5 watches under $500. A comparison.

1.Tag Heuer LogoThis company was started in 1860 at Switzerland by Edouard Heuer. It produces watches and chronographs marketed globally. In 1999, TAG Group sold TAG Heuer to Louis Vuitton luxury goods conglomerate.View Tag Heuer Watches Here
2.Bell & Ross LogoBell and Ross is a French company established by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo in 1992. Its watches feature mainly four characteristics, namely accurate Swiss mechanical movements, water resistance, clear visual indicators and special functions.View Bell and Ross Watches Here
3.Nixon LogoNixon is an American watchmaking and accessory company. It is more focused on the youth market. It was started in 1997 at California by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna. It makes quality men’s watches in both automatic and quartz.View Nixon Watches Here
4.Seiko LogoSeiko is a Japanese watch company. It is especially famous for Seiko 5, which boasts 5 key features, including water and shock resistance, day and date display, and being automatic. Seiko produces both mechanical and quartz watches.View Seiko Watches Here
5.Breguet LogoBreguet is a luxury Swiss watch company established in Paris in 1775. It is now a part of the Swatch group, and is noted for pioneering the tourbillion technology, which intends to counter gravity.View Breguet Watches Here
6.Baume & Mercier LogoThis is another Swiss watch company. It was established in 1830 by William Baume and Paul Mercier. It is a subsidiary of Richemont. Its first watches showed unconventional shapes rather than traditional round forms.View Baume & Mercier Watches Here
7.Orient LogoOrient is the top producer of mechanical watches in Japan. It was established back in 1950 but in 2009, it has become a subsidiary of the Seiko Group.View Orient Watches Here
8.Casio LogoCasio is especially famous for its G-Shock and Wave Ceptor collection. This Japanese company is known for making large and durable watches. It also produces calculators, cameras and mobile phones.View Casio Watches Here
9.Stuhrling LogoStuhrling Original is a Greek watch company. It was founded during the 1800s by master watchmaker Max Stuhrling, but was re-established in 1999. It has since then produces a wide collection of stylish watches for both men and women.View Stuhrling Watches Here
10.BlancpainBlancpain is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group. It is a Swiss brand founded by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. It is one of the highest calibre for men, for it is known to create complicated mechanical timepieces.View Blancpain Watches Here

Citizen has placed themselves among the best wristwatch manufacturing companies in the world in terms of styling, look and use of modern technologies.

One remarkable feature enlisted in citizen watches is that it runs on solar energy, not like the traditional watches – with Eco-Drive technology you can forget about batteries.

Therefore, for your ease of access, we have reviewed the top 5 Citizen watches that may fit for your wrist and your wallet as well.That definitely maket Citizen watches good.

Citizen BM8180-03E ‘Eco-Drive’ Canvas Strap Watch for Men

Are Citizen Watches good

Coming to look and style, Citizen BM8180-03E ‘Eco-Drive’ Canvas Strap creates an irresistible impression on users. The small dial of the watch evenly fits in anyone’s hand.

However, few considered it to be the drawback, even it is good for style as most wrist watches come with a bigger dial.

The only 37 mm dial may seem to be very small. However, this characteristic of the watch different it from other products and thus makes it a unique one which can put extra styling to your lifestyle.

Having a wristwatch and unable to watch the time due to heavy darkness. The Citizen Canvas Strap has a solution to this problem. Unlike other wrist watches that come with fluorescent hands for dark view, it comes with a blue glow, which not only increases the styling of the watch but also makes it useful at any place.

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Citizen AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Strap Men’s Watches

Are Citizen Watches good Chronograph

The Citizen company has come with another remarkably featured wristwatch. Citizen has always thought out of the box and the evidence is quite visible from the features in the new Citizen AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Strap.

Loaded with conventional and contemporary styling and look. It has a larger dial than the previous one while at the same time included a canvas strap and a red second hand.

Moreover, the ease of accessing the date is possible in the clock. For adding extra styling, the company has added the date features around 4 O’ clock with a curved end.

Another good feature that has been incorporated by the watch is that the watch comes with a coating for water protection.  So do not worry, you can wear it anywhere want.

The styling is canvas though due to waterproof nature, it does not absorb sweat which increases the lifecycle of the watch.

It can be the best choice for those who want to buy affordable, efficient and big dialed wristwatch.

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Citizen BL5050-02L ‘Eco-Drive’ Leather & Titanium Watch for Men

Are Citizen Watches good Titanium

With its stunning new features, this Citizen Titanium Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band has been able to win the hearts of people.

It is available in black and silver color along with a big dial and other sub dials and a chronograph.

Having all these features, this item can be considered as a technologically advanced gadget. And again, are citizen watches good? Yes!

More importantly, the wristwatch is eco-friendly and therefore, it has no bad effect on the environment. If someone is a very environment conscious and does not want to make any environmental hard, then the eco-drive technology used in the item is perfect for that person.

It does not use any battery to run but runs on the external energy sources.

Moreover, along with elegant style, it encompasses numerous features in a very low price range, which makes it the best choice for wristwatch lovers.

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Citizen BJ7000-52E ‘Nighthawk’ Eco-Drive’ Watch for men

Are Citizen Watches good Night Hawk

Not the conventional one,  the all-new Citizen ‘Nighthawk’ has an entire stainless steel body and stainless steel dial which makes  it not only wonderful to look at, but also made it reliable and long lasting in nature.

Incorporated with stunning features like flight slide, low charge warning, it has become one of the most featured products available in market.

The Nighthawk also has one really cool feature – multi-functional Slide Rule. With the slide rule you can calculate your car’s fuel consumption, average speed and the time you will arrive at your destination.

You can also multiply and divide numbers, convert liters to gallons, pounds to kilograms as well as other metric conversions.

Coming to the characteristics of the product, it is incomparable in nature because of its smaller dial, which is compact and balances the bezel to perfectly fit in the hand.

Available under $300, one cannot get more featured wristwatch than that.

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Citizen BM8242-08E ‘Eco-Drive’ Gold-Tone Stainless steel Men’s Watch

Are Citizen Watches good Gold

If you want to search for a product that meets your styling needs and requirements along with a print of traditional elegance, then the new Citizen BM8242-08E ‘Eco-Drive’ Gold-Tone Stainless steel Men’s Watch can be the best.

It is equipped with Eco-Drive technology that thrives the excellence one looking for in a quality wristwatch.

Apart from that, the waterproofing technology up to 30 feet used in the watch makes it the reliable one.

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Summing up – Are Citizen Watches good?

So, are Citizen watches good? Keeping in mind the features, reliability, ease of use of these five Citizen watches have enlisted – yes, Citizen are very good. But really, buy one, get a personal experience, and then judge our judgment.