Is Seiko a Good Brand? Top 5 men’s watches under 300 – Seiko Watches Good or Not?

You may be thinking of the quality of Seiko watches – Is Seiko a good brand? Or may be thinking are Seiko watches good or not. However, your mindset will alter if you just look at the features.

When come to express personality, wearing a stylish watch always add extra passion to the personality. And if the watch is of one of the finest wristwatch makers, then there is nothing to say. Among various brands, we recommend you Seiko watches that are typically different in styling and are equipped with tremendous features.

We have listed five of finest wrist watches from Seiko that can blow your mind with their wonderful features. Even these 5 little timepieces make Seiko a good brand.


Is Seiko a Good Brand?
Are Seiko Watches good at all?

Best 5 affordable watches

1.Seiko LogoSeiko is a top Japanese watch company. Its collection of timepieces for women depicts style and perfection, excellent for any modern female who knows what she wants. Girls can choose items for everyday use, as well as for very special occasions.See Seiko Women's Watches Here
2.Orient LogoLadies will love Orient’s collection of watches simply because they are reliable and fashionable. They can choose quartz and automatic watches for casual and formal look.See Orient Women's Watches Here
3.Stuhrling LogoThis Greek watch has something to offer to women with different personalities. It has classic, sporty, casual, sweet and modern collections of watches. If a girl finds it difficult to choose one, it is best to have one from each.See Stuhrling Women's Watches Here
4.Chanel LogoChanel is not just preferred by ladies for its perfumes, it is also sought for its elegant timepieces. Make the most of its exceptional jewellery watches that exude sophistication.See Chanel Women's Watches Here
5.Marc Jacobs LogoDesigner watches from Marc Jacobs made it to the list of top women's watches because their timepieces offer a wide range of style that will surely meet the expectations of any modern woman.See Marc Jacob Women's Watches Here
6.Nixon LogoNixon is not just a good watch for males, but also for ladies. They offer colorful digital watches, iconic stainless steel pieces, stylish leather watchbands, and even silicone, nylon and canvas watches.See Nixon Women's Watches Here
7.Fossil LogoFossil also makes equally impressive collection for ladies. From casual, classic to luxurious styles, this company has something to offer.See Women's Fossil Watches Here
8.Swiss Legend LogoThe legend continues for these timepieces for ladies. Girls will love to get a watch from each collection of Swiss Legend because it offers a timepiece for every occasion.See Swiss Legend Women's Watches Here
9.Gucci LogoGucci is an Italian company famous for its leather goods, but for women, it is their elegant watches that are truly remarkable. The watchmaker offers a wide range of styles for classy women.See Women's Gucci Watches Here
10.Timex LogoTimex is a popular company, producing quality watches for men and women. Ladies will surely be impressed with both the casual and formal collections of Timex.See Women's Timex Watches Here


Seiko SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Black Canvas Strap Men’s Watch

Are Seiko Watches good is Seiko a good brand If you want to have an elegant, but rather a traditional watch, then Seiko SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Black Canvas Strap Men’s Watch can be the best option.

It incorporates elegant styling yet simple and traditional. It includes a big analog dial which is incorporated by Hardlex mineral coating that saves it from any type of scratching.

Another feature that can win your heart is that you can change the language of the date window from English to Spanish.

Altogether, the features and durability of the watch has made it one of the best men’s watches within the price category of $5o to $100. What else if not durability of watches can make Seiko a good brand?

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Seiko Men’s SSC017 Solar Dive Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Are Seiko Watches good solar dive is Seiko a good brand Seiko has come up with a great idea of saving energy and nature with its eco-friendly solar watches. Seiko Men’s SSC017 Solar Dive Stainless Steel Dive Watch is one of them, which introduce self-charged technology that never runs out of battery.

In order to store energy in its self-charged battery, it utilizes the quartz movement for transforming external energy into static energy for running the watch smoothly.

Other features include corrugated bezel, luminous indices and blue contrast, which adds extra styling to the watch and motivates the personality of the wearer.

Further, it is being protected by hardlex coating that saves the dial from scratching.

The water resistant coating also enables the wearer to dive as long as 200 m deep in water.

These tremendous features have made it the best possible watch available in the market. If you are thinking about the price of the product, then it’s low.

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Seiko Men’s SGG711 Titanium Watch

Are Seiko Watches good titanium is Seiko a good brand Titanium watch from Seiko is equipped with a black luminous dial, day/date window and Arabic hour markers.

The most important thing is that it is also protected by hardlex coating which saves it from scratch.

The stainless steel body along with three-link bracelet chain gives it an extreme look meanwhile highlights the style and personality of the wearer.

If you are thinking about the safety of the watch, then, we feel proud to tell you that Seiko is giving you a wrist watch having extreme features like water resistant and scratch resistant.

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Seiko SNK793 Seiko 5 Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s Watch

Are Seiko Watches good is Seiko a good brand Seiko SNK793 Seiko 5 Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s Watch is among the best Seiko watches available in the market within affordable price.

It is available in silver color and therefore, can be fit with any outfit. It is up to the user decide which outfit is suiting him or not with the wrist watch.

However, apart from color, the product has encompassed in it variety of features like hard-flex crystal window, heavy dial and entire stainless steel bracelet.

Capable of making a wonderful impression, it can be the first choice for them who want to buy a heavy though mixtures of styling and traditionalistic wrist watch.

Even the price of the product is very low compared to the wristwatches made by other companies that are available at a price range of $50 to $150.

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Seiko SKA366 Kinetic Men’s Watch with Black ion Finish

Are Seiko Watches good Black is Seiko a good brand

Some people prefer styling to everything. Therefore, Seiko has made Seiko SKA366 Kinetic Men’s Watch with Black ion Finish for meeting the needs and requirements of styling people as well as for those who prefer to buy wristwatch that gives value for money along with style and passion.

Firstly, it is pure black in color and has been polished with black ion that increases the attractiveness. Styling of the product high above any product in the price range that it is providing.

Secondly, it perfectly fits in the wrist and matches with every dress up.

Thirdly, it is water resistant, scratch resistant and does not require any battery to run.

And finally, it moves on transforming external energy to static energy into the battery in it, which requires no charging.

Therefore, whether use it for any occasion or party or use it for in day-to-day life, it will provide excellent service. Again that’s the answer to your question – is Seiko a good brand? What do you think now?

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Summing up

It is quite confusing to choose from variety of watches available in the market. Therefore, we have provided every detail about the best wrist watches from Seiko from the price range of $50 to $300.

Depending upon budget and the power of wallet, it is upon you which one to choose. All of the five are champion in the price range they are available. Buy one, get experience and decide – are Seiko watches good or not. But answering the question is Seiko a good brand – 100% YES!