Handcrafted Wooden Watches From Rusticlub.com

I use to hate wearing watches, but now I dont remember the last time my wrist went without one. In fact, if I look down and dont have a watch on, I get quite confused. I once drew a watch on my wrist when I was in public without one on. What time was it you ask? Well, for some reason that night I chose 9:00 PM. I figured if it was 9:00 PM it was ok to have a beer.

My name is Anthony Valentine, owner and operator of https://www.rusticlub.com. I started Rusticlub in early January of 2016 to provide supplemental income to help with my student loans, rent, and other monthly expenses.

Whats with the name?

I live in New Hampshire, and spend a lot of time up north in the mountains, out on the lakes and on the hiking trails. Everything up there seems to be just a bit more rustic. Which I love.

Rustic relating to the countryside; rural. Constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular.

Like a magician, I combined the word rustic with club and arrived at Rusticlub.

Whats with the club?

The idea behind the club is to provide incentives, early promotions, secret sales and other cool perks to people who join the club. Joining the club is easy, you simply signup for our newsletter on the website and youre in. Dont worry, we wont bother you too much. We send our our club incentives only once a month, you wont want to miss them!

What we offer

  • Wooden Watches
  • Wooden Sunglasses
  • Wooden Bow Ties
  • Canvas Packs

Our primary focus, and how everything got started, is to offer hand-crafted, eco-friendly wooden watches. Over time we began offering other rustic style wooden accessories like wooden sunglasses and wooden bow-ties.

As of May 2017, we will be adding a line of canvas and leather packs like messenger bags, tote bags, rucksacks and more.

Sustainable shopping

We are a firm believer in giving back to and helping the environment, and what better way to do so then to shop sustainably. Since all of our watches are either made from wood or bamboo, they provide our customers with the ability to purchase something truly sustainable. Some brands we offer, like Mistura, use only reclaimed and recycled wood to craft their beautiful timepieces.

Plant a Tree

Along with our eco-friendly and sustainable products, we also have a tree planting program in place. We use the National Forest Foundation to donate each and every month towards planting trees in forests around the world.

For every product thats purchased in our store, we donate towards planting one tree. So for every product purchased, one tree is planted.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the largest selection of rustic/vintage style fashion accessories from an array of artisans around the world. As our catalog grows we hope to continue to give back to the environment through donating to the National Forest Foundation, and continuing to find companies that craft sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Check out all of Rusticlub’s wooden watches here!