Best Bulova Watches to Own (for Men)

Best Bulova Watches to Own

Founded in 1875 Bulova watches is headquartered in New York, New York. Bulova is best known for it’s Accutron series that introduced the world to the resonating tuning fork that quickly became its logo. While recent watches have done away with the tuning fork logo, the impact of Bulova on the watch industry is still felt today.

Gracious watch has featured a number of Bulova watches before including a recent review of the Bulova Precisionist 98B212.

From black and chrome to rubber and gold, our list of the Best Bulova Watches to Own (For Men) has every style you can imagine at a variety of price points.


Top 7 Bulova Watches

Best Bulova Watches Reviewed & Ranked

1. Accutron Gemini Automatic – 64C104

Accutron Gemini Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This more than amazing timepiece is something that you would be really proud of having.

It has features that will truly swoon you over. It includes a sophisticated design and marvelous functions. The style displays a perfect combination of the colors brown and rose gold.

The brown leather straps look very luxurious when matched with the rose gold tone watch case. This chronograph has a black dial holding the gold hands and markers. It has additional features including the date functions located at the 3 o’clock spot of the dial.

What makes this timepiece an exceptional find is the fact that it is a self-winding automatic assembly. Truly, this is an awesome item that you should not miss in the market today, especially that this is definitely one of a kind.

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2. 98E109 Black Dial

98E109 Black Dial Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Bulova is and absolute genius in coming up with this item for the market.

This men’s timepiece is truly elegant with the diamond case clearly being exposed to impress. By the sight of diamonds, all the other features of the watch have bloomed in their own places.

The black dial stands out in the middle while holding the gold tone hands and hour markers. It is covered and protected by a curved mineral crystal, that allows for a clear view of the dial.

This chronograph watch also features a date function at 3:00, making it the perfect men’s watch you can buy from the industry today. This watch is truly an exceptional timepiece that you should buy.

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3. 97A109 Series 160 Mechanical

97A109 Series 160 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Another watch by Bulova that is perfect for your needs is this mechanical timepiece that is packed with amazing features.

It has a semi open dial that shows the mechanism from the face and when you flip it over, it has a skeleton back case displaying the mechanism entirely through a see through cover.

Its dial is black in color which elegantly showcases the simple yet attractive gold tone hands and index hour markers.

Its gold case, which is beautifully polished, is also amazing when contrasted by the black leather strap attached to it. Definitely, this is a luxurious treasure you can get at a very reasonable price.

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4. 98B213 Rose Gold

98B213 Rose Gold Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This timepiece will absolutely be treasured by any man, especially the watch enthusiasts.

This timepiece features a display of sophistication and pride of function. It is a truly masculine assembly with an exceptional style and design. Its features a black dial with white and red accents coming from the hands and hour markers.

What sets this timepiece apart is the black bezel that complements the color of the dial. This watch definitely shows every man’s machismo in this amazing timepiece.

Bulova is known for its excellence in the jewelry industry, making their watches the best among its kind in the market.

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5. Accutron Gemini Automatic – 65B145

Accutron Gemini Automatic – 65B145 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Bulova is a highly creative brand as shown in this timepiece.

It features a simple black dial with its rose gold tone hands and hour markers. It has a date function that is creatively placed around the the inner dial being pointed by a crescent shaped hand with a red hue.

This assembly is truly one of a kind with its mechanical self winding system. It features a polished silver stainless steel case with a black leather strap the perfectly contrasts the set up. The timepiece would definitely be looking great in every man’s arm.

Surely this is a watch that you truly deserve to have.

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6. 98B152 Precisionist

98B152 Precisionist Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This is a Bulova timepiece that truly deserves its name in the industry.

The most important feature that this watch can offer is its amazing accuracy that could be upto a second per year. Precision is the goal of this exceptional that many other brands cannot provide.

This absolutely stunning timepiece is a combination if the colors gold and black. It displays a masculine assembly with its black dial perfectly accented by the gold hour markers and hands.

It has a date function at the 3:00 spot. Its round black and gold bezel is also a sight that will never be taken for granted.

One of the good things provided by this watch is its rubber straps that is perfect for every man out there.

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7. 96B175 Precisionist

96B175 Precisionist Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

If you are looking for something that worth your time and money, then this Bulova watch is yours to enjoy.

An amazing assembly that showcases stainless steel case bezel and link bracelet. It features a chronograph setup showing functions including a date window between the 4:00 and 5:00, on the black dial.

Its hands and hour markers, which are luminescent, are also silver in color. It has a large diameter that perfectly displays the machismo in every man wearing it.

This is truly a timepiece that has the most amazing assembly as a whole.

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