Best Chronograph Watches for Men – Under $500

Top 7 Cheap Men’s Chronograph Watches

Looking for chronograph watches?

Well here’s a list of seven of the world’s amazing chronograph watches that are just under $500.00. Why purchase a chronograph than an ordinary wristwatch?

Well for one thing, chronographs look amazing and beautiful. They can look sleek and bad-ass at the same time. They are also feature packed and could be used a variety of ways. You could measure time elapsed and even have lap counters.

Aside from being incredibly stylish, they can be an absolute conversation-starter. From Citizen to Casio and Armani to Invicta, there will always be a brand for that’s perfect for your personality and needs. Boost your confidence and suave with these chronographs and never be late for a date ever again.

Chronograph Watches for Men – All Less Than $500

Hands On With Our Favorite Men’s Chronograph Watches

1) Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Watch

Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This watch is amazing. The watch looks like a cross between classic and contemporary high technology.

Look the modern man with this watch. This watch has all the functions that can be needed. It doesn’t run on batteries but on Citizen’s Eco-Drive that transforms light into electrical energy. Its hardened non-reflective mineral crystal is highly durable. It has a rotating slide-rule bezel for some conversions and a perpetual calendar.

A feature that can never be passed for is its atomic timekeeping feature which is radio-controlled. The Skyhawk has a digital display for times in other time zones. It is made of durable stainless steel which is sharply contrasted with a black dial.

Never go wrong with the Skyhawk A-T.

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2) Casio General Men’s Watches Edifice Chronograph EF-539D-1A5VDF – WW

Casio General Men’s Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Look über-sleek with this outstanding Edifice Chronograph.

Highly elegant and versatile, this watch is a modern classic. High quality is written all over this chronograph watch. It is a cross between a sporty and casual look adds doses of versatility and could be worn with almost anything.

Its tachymeter function is found on the bezel. It is also resistant to water.

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3) Emporio Armani Men’s AR5859 Sport White Silicone Silver Chronograph Dial Watch

Emporio Armani Men’s AR5859 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Undeniably sleek and chic, Emporio Armani offers this beautiful and highly stylish chronograph watch.

This could go well with any kind of clothing. It could be dressed-up casual or even complete a white ensemble. Its magnificent looking dial spells unending luxury and elegance.

White and silver gives off this minimalistic aura which would complement a very loud outfit. The chronograph watch’s bezel and case is made up of industrial grade stainless steel. The white silicone band is also very durable and can e cleaned easily.

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4) Seiko Men’s SNAA30 Alarm Chronograph Black Ion Watch

Seiko Men’s SNAA30 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Simple but ultimately elegant and timeless, this Chronograph Black Ion watch is an important investment to every man’s watch collection. Its handsome appearance is to die for.

Pair this with men’s usual browns, blacks and grays then the whole outfit will look complete. But then the watch can be worn with other casual colors as well. Japanese quartz provides precise and accurate movement.

The durable stainless steel bezel and case in black and gold is very sleek. Strong Hardlex crystal is used to as the window display as this will protect the intricate black dial.

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5) Invicta Men’s 10712 Speedway Brown Dial Brown Leather Watch

Invicta Men’s 10712 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This leather watch from Invicta has classic spelled all over its mineral crystal window display.

The brown dial is an interesting touch compared to the usual colors used in dials. It exudes a masculine elegance that it transcends to the wearer. The black stainless steel bezel is a good change from the monochromatic brown.

It also has 18 karat gold ion-plated stainless steel which gives it a touch of richness and elegance.

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6) Nautica Men’s N15006G Spettacolare Chronograph Watch

Nautica Men’s N15006G Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This leather strapped Spettacolare Chronograph watch from Nautica is awesome.

It looks classic because of the gold, white, silver, and brown. Its classic look doesn’t prevent it from being worn by modern watch wearers. It has a tachymeter and water resistance. Its stainless steel case is highly durable.

Wear this at the office or with preppy Americana and this watch will surely be a head turner.

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7) Fossil Men’s FS4545 Black Leather Strap Black Analog Dial Chronograph Watch

Fossil Men’s FS4545 Black Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Look enigmatic with this sleek chronograph watch from fossil.

The black leather paired with the rose-gold and jet black dial will surely complete an outfit. Its three chronograph subdials are good for keeping track of elapsed time up to 24 hours.

Stainless steel material makes up the highly stylized bezel and the case. Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful watch.

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