Best Citizen Watches to Own (for Men)

Best Citizen Watches

Best Men’s Citizen Watches

There are various brands that have a hold on Japanese-made watches: Casio, Seiko, and in this instance, Citizen.

Based in Tokyo, Japan Citizen started out in 1918 building lathe tools and wristwatches. Their focus on being competitive and relevant are prevalent in their watches, keeping up with modernity and being technologically forward. Their EcoDrive line harnesses solar energy to charge the watch’s battery to keep it at full power naturally. Some Citizen watches also take advantage of atomic timekeeping, utilizing radio clocks to keep accurate time.

With various types of watches to keep you in check, Gracious Watch has some killer recommendations in order to get Citizen be a part of your day-to-day life.

Best Citizen Watches

Top Citizen Watches Reviewed & Rated

JY0010-50E Skyhawk A-T

JY0010-50E Skyhawk A-T Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This model is incredibly something that you would be so proud of having.

This model is one of the most reliable types when you think of watch that best fits with the degree of your adventures. This features both analog and digital display. It has functions including a perpetual calendar, low charge warning, countdown timer, and world time.

One of the best things that this item can offer is that it is water resistant for up to 200 feet, which makes the timepiece exceptional for recreational scuba diving.

Aside from its multi-functionalities, this time piece has an attractive appearance and exceptional overall quality, perfect for men who are always on the go..

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AT9010-52E World Time A-T

AT9010-52E World Time A-T Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This is not your ordinary watch from Citizen.

It has a stainless steel assembly with a black dial that holds 2 sub dials, silver markers and hands, which are also luminescent. Its band is a 5-link bracelet which is stainless steel in material.

It actually runs on a solar power, given its name eco-drive. It has amazing features that include date function and a radio controlled world time. For the quality if the timepiece, you would feel secured with its anti reflective sapphire crystal window that protects everything that the dial holds.

Also, it has a 660 feet water resistant feature. If you want to go swimming or diving, you can wear this amazing piece in the water. Surely, this is a watch that you would be proud to have.

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BL5403-03X Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This chronograph watch is an incredible timepiece that offers functionality, style and affordability.

Despite the timepiece exceptional design and function, you can get it at a very reasonable price. Featuring a rose gold tone case and bezel, this watch is an amazing piece with matching gold tone hands and hour markers which are luminous as well.

Its sophistication is even more added by the brown leather strap that complemented the gold tone of the case and the black dial. As for its functionality, the watch has a perpetual calendar and runs on a solar power.

As a whole, this watch is truly worth you money and it is something that you should not miss.

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AT8010-58E Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

An exceptional Citizen watch that many men would live is this Eco-Drive dress watch.

This is not your ordinary dress watch because it has all the amazing features that you could find in a timepiece. This has a stainless steel case and three-link bracelet. It features a black dial with an elegant scallop texture. Also, it operates as powered by solar energy.

This makes the watch an eco-friendly item. If you want to go to the waters while wearing this watch, you will surely enjoy your time, considering that this watch is water resistant for up to 200 meters or 660 feet.

This makes it great for recreational scuba diving.

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AT4006-06X Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Another masterpiece by Citizen is this beautiful chronograph watch for men.

This watch is totally a masculine display. It makes use of an analog display, but its functionality and appearance are all contemporary. It showcases a brass tone stainless steel case and bezel that adds up to the amazing design.

It sports a leather strap that has a roc pattern, which is generally stylish and perfect for men. Its anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial that houses the chronograph sub dials, date window, perpetual calendar and luminous indexes.

One of the best features of his watch is its water resistant capacity. This watch is fueled by light or solar power making the whole watch a practical assembly to buy.

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BL8004-53E Calibre 8700

BL8004-53E Calibre 8700 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

If you are looking for a highly masculine Citizen watch, then this model should be perfect for you.

It has an attractive design featuring a silver tone case and five-lick bracelet, complementing the blue toned dial. It has incredible features including dual time functions. Perpetual calendar and alarm.

The dial is actually enclosed by a protective mineral crystal dal window that is durable. You can wear the watch if you want to go swimming, snorkeling or even recreational diving.

This has a water resistant feature that allows you to go as deep as 100 meter or 330 feet. This solar powered timepiece is definitely yours to enjoy and show off.

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BL5250-02L Titanium

BL5250-02L Titanium Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

If sophistication and functionality is what you are looking for, then look no further.

You can have the best of both worlds with this model. Citizen surely knows the definition of perfection combining style and dynamic functionality.

The titanium textured dial blended well with the croco textured brown leather band. Its features including an alarm, perpetual calendar and water resistant function all add up to the amazing benefits of this watch.

With a reasonable price for you to enjoy, you will surely have all smiles wearing this watch.

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