Best Geneva Watches to Own (for Men)

Men Best Geneva Watches

Men Best Geneva Watches

When you talk about men’s watches, what you would mostly find are the exquisite timepieces that are sold at very expensive rate. However, with Geneva watches, you can be sure that you get a sophisticated watch for a reasonable price. You should know that Geneva is one of the most popular names that could give you the most masculine and stylish watches that is perfect for you and your needs. Here are some of the best Geneva watches to own for men that you should check out.

  1. 1668E-GEN


Price when reviewed: $25.00

Geneva surely knows how to take care of every man’s need with this digital display watch. It features a black dial with faux 3 chronograph subdials. Its white big hour markers are very visible complementing the gold tone luminescent hour, minute and second hands. It has a case that is made of brass that has an outside diameter of 43 millimeters, which is just perfect for any man’s arm. As for the straps, it is made with synthetic leather material. Its black band matches the brass shade of the case. Aside from its simple functionality, the simplicity of the entire watch comes out as an elegant timepiece that you can have.

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  1. Geneva Skeleton Automatic Watch

Geneva Skeleton Automatic Watch

Price when reviewed: $20.99

If you are after highly masculine designs for watches, then this Geneva gem will surely be your run to kind of watch. It features three subdials in a large transparent dial. This kind of set up actually makes the whole watch get a touch of machismo n it. The fact that the dial is transparent is proof enough that this timepiece is not only functional but is stylish as well. It has an analog display that is run on an automatic movement. What makes it more masculine is the dark blue leather straps hat is just so manly. If you need to impress or just show off, tis Geneva watch will never let you down.

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  1. Geneva Designer-style Black and Rose-gold Tone Watch

Geneva Designer-style Black and Rose-gold Tone

Price when reviewed: $23.79

Another Geneva item that men will surely drool over is this designer style watch. Although is shows an exquisite design, its functionality and practicality aspect s are all excellent. It has a gold tone case that matches well with the black rubber straps. What sets this item apart from all the other watches is that it allows you to set two different times for two different time zones. If you have family from the other side of the world, you can be updated about what time it is from their location without the need s to change your own time in the locality. Overall, you will surely be praised by many with this exquisite watch for men by Geneva.

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  1. Geneva Platinum 3203 White

Geneva Platinum 3203 White

Geneva truly knows how to give a man a reward he deserves through this timepiece. This excellent Quartz Chronograph watch has an analog display that is visible through its round mineral dial window. It features a black case and stationary bezel, a black dial which has gray hour markers and hands. It has a simple yet elegant black faux leather strap that makes the whole thing amazing. It makes use of a buckle to secure the straps. If you are looking for a practical choice, the n this one should be yours soon.

  1. New Geneva Rose Gold

New Geneva Rose Gold

Price when reviewed: $39.99

The rose gold case of this manly timepiece just adds drama to the entire assembly. The rose glad tone case and hour hands actually play great roles in matching with the black shade of the leather straps. Considering that it has a large case and a stainless steel back, makes the watch durable and attractive at the same time. With its plain white dial, the silver hour markers are clearly seen. The mineral dial window protects that date function at 3 o’clock. This item also makes use of buckle closure for the safety of the wearer.

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  1. 9288.Gun


Price when reviewed: $22.77

You never expect for watches to commonly look like platinum material. Despite its efficiency and sturdiness, the stainless steel quartz is something that many people are after. Especially men, they would like to have masculine looking items and they can be spoiled when it comes to having their own products from Geneva. Its durable mineral crystal cover makes it an entirely strong watch among its kind. Truly, this is a timepiece that can actually help you impress everybody around you. You don’t have to wait too long. You should be able to buy the item now.

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  1. Geneva Casual and Sport Style Watch

Geneva Casual and Sport style watch

Price when reviewed: $22.88

Excellent design, function and price are the aspects that are in this kind of watch. Featuring a white dial with large markers in black shade. The hour and minute hands are both luminescent that adds to its overall design and functionality. Although the bezel is non movable, it still adds up to the masculine features that the watch has. Definitely this has the design or men’s watches that will never go out of style.

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