Best Selling Timex Intelligent Quartz Watches – for Men Under $200

Best Selling Timex Intelligent Quartz Watches

Timex is known for creating innovative timepieces for great value. Some of their technological marvels include Intelligent Quartz, which focuses on reliability and accuracy. Offering features such as a chronograph, quartz accuracy, and great price, Timex should be considered as a possible all-rounder for a daily piece.

We at GW has selected some great watches for you to check out and see what the commotion is all about.

Top 7 (Under $200) Timex Intelligent Quartz Watches

Timex Intelligent Quartz Watches In Detail

1. Timex Men’s T46866 Intelligent Quartz

Timex Men’s T46866 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A charming brown watch with a hefty face, this Timex Intelligent Fly Back Chrono Compass brown leather strap watch is a beauty in its own.

With an Indiglo Night Light, fly back chronograph, accurate digital compass with analog display, and adjustable declination angle for accuracy, this watch is definitely for the person who is always on the go.

For the person who likes to go fishing, camping, and even after, for a formal sit down dinner, this watch is the right companion.

The mixture of sophistication and sportiness makes this watch a great buy for all those long days you’re bound to have.

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2. Timex Men’s T2N720 Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series

Timex Men’s T2N720 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A sleek black watch that’s jam packed with features, this is another watch that you might just cherish for ages.

Again with Indiglo night light, digital thermometer with analog display that measures air and water temperature, accurate digital compass with analog display, and adjustable declination angle for accuracy, this watch might just be the thing you need when you’re out hiking.

Even though you’re just an Average Joe with a nine to five job, a watch like this could make your life more interesting. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a digital thermometer on the wrist?

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3. Timex Men’s T2N700 Intelligent Quartz SL Series 

Timex Men’s T2N700 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A tan genuine oiled leather strap is a refreshing view from all the blacks and dark browns in men’s watches.

The rich contrast between the black watch and gold writings on this watch is a must have for formal events, and even everyday wear. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to stand out with a gorgeous wrist watch with all the features that could make your day more productive?

This stainless steel case with gunmetal gray ionic plating is something to consider. Now let me tell you about the fly back feature of this watch and some of the others in this article. It simply means that with a push of a button, everything in tis watch will restart. If you’re a frequent flyer with a suitcase ready for the next business flight, you’ll be needing a watch that can keep up with all the jet lags.

A fly back watch with a gorgeous leather bracelet and black and gold face is a great watch to bring with you everywhere you go.

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4. Timex Men’s T2N496 Intelligent Quartz SL Series

Timex Men’s T2N496 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Another intelligent quartz watch coupled with a fly back feature.

This Timex watch with a brown leather strap has indiglo night light, second time zone, date feature, and water resistance features is a watch that won’t grab attention away from your clothes. This textured auburn strap will comfortably sit on your wrist and is sturdy enough to last you for ages.

The clear white and black face makes time telling very easy, without worrying about dim and bright lighting. After all, it is equipped with Indiglo night light, right? This watch is definitely built for function.

And if you’re keeping up with the hours of your client who lives somewhere with a different time zone, then the second time zone definitely helps. No more counting in your head.

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5. Timex Men’s T2N931DH Intelligent Quartz

Timex Men’s T2N931 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Let me start with the features: fly back chronograph with 4-hour auto shut off, stainless steel case with grey finish, mineral glass crystal, Indiglo night light, and water resistant up to 100 meters of 330 feet. do you know what makes this watch so appealing?

The smooth brown leather strap that’s just the right color to be interesting, but not too bright to look like it will never look good with everything.

The gold hands may look a little out of place, but it keeps the watch, together with the gold crowns, look versatile.

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6. Timex Men’s T2P141DH Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series

Timex Men’s T2P141DH Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A brown nubuck leather strap is a rare feat in men’s watches.

How often do you see supple material in wrist watches? Even though it looks chunky, this Timex Men’s Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series Tide Temp Compass Brown Nubuck Leather Strap Watch looks good on the wrist. The brown, yellow, and white combination on the face makes the watch pop out.

It’s sporty, but with enough room to make it to your preppy list of things to wear. Now that you know some things about the appearance of the watch, it’s time to have an in depth look at all its salient features. With Indiglo night light with night mode feature, tide tracker that counts down to high or low tide, digital thermometer with analog display that measures air and water temperature, accurate digital compass with analog display and adjustable declination angle for accuracy, and water resistant feature of up to 100 meters or 330 feet.

Now you know why I told you that it’s a preppy watch. It’s a watch that you can wear for the sea, for everyday grind, and for hiking.

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