Best Selling Marc Ecko Watches for Men

Best Selling Marc Ecko Watches for Men

Marc Ecko has created a clothing empire and left a mark in the hip-hop scene with his clothing line.

With recent foray into watches, Marc Ecko is looking to expand their mark in the fashion market and that’s why they’re going for the watch market, a great accessory piece for men.

We here at GW have take a look at some of what Marc Ecko has to offer and here’s what we have picked for you!


7 Most Popular Marc Ecko Watches for Men

Hands On With the Best Selling Marc Ecko Watches for Men

Marc Ecko E95016G7 

Marc Ecko E95016G7 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This black and silver watch from Marc Ecko can be best described as bright, flashy, and bold.

Its crystal-studded silver bezel makes it attention grabbing, along with its stainless steel band that is wounded with black resin. The watch frames a black dial and showcases a stainless steel bezel studded with Swarovski crystals, and right at the center of the dial is the signature rhino logo.

Adding to the contemporary flair of this timepiece is the solid stainless steel case. The watch is water resistant up to 165 feet.

If you want a timepiece that catches everyone’s attention with its style and functionality, this is definitely the right choice for you.

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Marc Ecko E09512G1 

Marc Ecko E09512G1 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this watch from Marc Ecko combines elegance and comfort.

The watch may look inexpensive, but it’s no cheapo.  It comes with a mineral crystal dial window, a stainless steel case, and a comfortable polyurethane band. It has extra-large 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th hour marks for convenient time reading and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

The black and silver combination of the watch makes the watch an easy wear.

If you’re looking for a timepiece that is not too sporty nor too sophisticated-looking, this is the watch to put on top of your list.

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Marc Ecko E12551G1 

Marc Ecko E12551G1 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Everything about this Marc Ecko watch is finely detailed and eye catching.

Both the black leather strap and the macho-looking gunmetal stainless steel case highlights the brands philosophy, which is to provide designs that are engaging, stimulating, and trend-defining.

The crocodile leather band will assure you that you’re getting a watch that will serve you for a long time.

The perfect gift for a father, a husband, or a son, this is definitely the watch to put on your priority list if you’re after a timepiece that’s handsome, comfortable, and well crafted.

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Marc Ecko E19015G1

Marc Ecko E19015G1 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A multifunction watch that makes the wearer look like a multimillionaire – these are the best words to describe this gold-tone stainless steel watch by Marc Ecko.

One look at this watch and you’ll instantly know that it’s worth your money. The crystal-studded gold bezel and the deployment clasp make the watch look really elegant, while the dome-shaped crown adds to the watch’s sophisticated and unique appearance.

Get this watch if you’re after a timepiece that’s both graceful and stylish at the same time.

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Marc Ecko E13561G2

Marc Ecko E13561G2 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A flashy watch that has got weight in it, this particular model combines traditional with contemporary design.

The black dial gives the watch a neat look, while the silver bezel and band adds for a more sophisticated look.

The eighteen crystals embedded on the bezel makes the watch look elegant without making it look too glitzy. The band is a standard 22-millimeter wide silver strap and is comfortable for 24/7 use.

If you’re looking for an anniversary gift for your partner, or perhaps a simple birthday gift for your boy, this is the watch to look for.

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Ecko UNLTD Men’s The Encore Oz Watch

Ecko UNLTD Men’s Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The details placed on this awesomely-designed watch makes it unforgettable.

For instance, the two-toned dial highlights the UNLTD logo crest, while the stainless steel case comes accented by elegant-looking crystals.

The stainless steel bracelet is also two-toned and comes with a push button clasp. The mineral dial window seems to magnify the face of the watch, which is only right as it showcases the UNLTD seal.

Combining comfort and sophistication, this watch is definitely a must-have.

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Marc Ecko E11554G1 

Marc Ecko E11554G1 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Once in a while, Marc Ecko comes up with a watch that’s oddly-designed, and this one is among the list.

It’s not really a surprise that this watch is among Marc Ecko’s bestsellers considering its very unique design.

The 3D skull embedded in the dial makes the watch looks as if it came straight out of a pirate’s treasure chest and is enough to grab anyone’s attention.

In terms of specifications, the watch comes with a polyurethane band and a mineral dial window. It’s also not just style, too, but is suitable for swimming and can resist water up to 165 feet in depth.

Get your hands on this watch today if you want to try something that you don’t get to see and wear often.

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