The Best Surf Watches

Rip Curl. Photo courtesy of Rip Curl.

Top 4 Best Surf Watches

Surfing is a great and challenging sport. Requiring great balance and finesse, you need to be on the water at all times. You expect the same thing from your watches. Whether you’re riding the waves in Tofino, or around the awesome California coastline, you want a watch that’s up for adventure as much as you!

So let us at GW bring you some great selections that you bring all over the world and make sure you don’t miss that great wave.

Top Surf Watches Ranked

We Review the Best Surf & Tide Watches In Detail

Rip Curl Men’s A1090 “Trestles Pro” Surf Watch with Blue Band

Surf Watch with Blue Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The Rip Curl Pipeline World Tide Surf Watch is a worthy candidate for such an adventure. And while Rip Curl alone could account for a list all of strong surf watches all by itself, the A1088 is a standout in the larger constellation of Rip Curl surf watches. It’s got a bevy of bells and whistles.

But here are the essentials. It retails for a reasonable $300. The A1088 comes in stainless steel and can plunge to 600 feet below sea level. It also has 500 plus embedded worldwide locations, preset tidal settings and a can track everything from speed to tide directions. Aesthetically its lines are sleek and clean, coming in black and blue iterations.

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Nixon ‘Mission’ Smartwatch, Color:Orange (Model: A1167-2658)

Smartwatch, Color:Orange Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Nixon joins the surfing conversation with The Mission. And yes that’s its real name. And while it’s not a spy watch as its name would suggest, here’s a surfing watch that for $400 comes powered with Android Wear with Google Fit activity tracking, voice automated commands, wearable tech and wet finger technology.

Nixon trades in its button downs and cufflinks that typically match its swankier line of timepieces for flip flops, sunscreen and a reliable surfing buddy that can be worn on your wrist.

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Vestal Unisex BRG031 Brig Digital Gray Surf Watch

Vestal Unisex BRG031 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Vestal’s Brig Tide & Train is a forward-thinking surf watch.

At only $175, this wave riding timepiece tracks waves and beaches with a detailed chart and graph, with projections that extend into the next 20 years. The fine folks at Vestal are banking that your investment in this watch will last more than a few runs at greatness at Huntington Beach and more likely to carry you into a long tradition of hanging ten over the years.

The overall composition is relatively unassuming, maybe even pedestrian by watchmaking standards, with a plastic case and plastic dial. But it tracks up to 200 beaches. And that’s a lot more than any of the so-called fit watches can claim. Ultimately it’s good for some test runs when you break in the new board.

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Freestyle Men’s 101052 Shark Classic Tide Classic Rectangle Digital Tide Watch

Freestyle Men’s 101052 Shark Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Freestyle’s Killer Shark watch retails for $100 and is an oversized 48mm case. It is water resistant up to 100 meters, features a night vision backlight and dual time. It’s essentially a bare bones surf watch for one Benjamin Franklin.

The basic digital display is simple and understated with its tide graphs and dual time. All in all it’s not a luxury watch. But surfing shouldn’t be a luxury sport either. It’s a functional surf watch that gets the job done.

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