Best Swiss-Legend Watches to Own (for Men)

Best Swiss Legend Watches

7 Best Swiss-Legend Watches for Men

Swiss Legend is an upcoming brand that is trying to make an impact in the horology scene. While not as established as other brands, Swiss Legend has created a reputation of producing great time pieces for an affordable price. They are producing pieces that should be entertained and at least taken a glance for consideration.

Producing examples like the Lionpulse or the Hunter, they are big, chunky, and rugged: traits you want to see in a durable, sports-centric design. So let us at GW bring you to another world and see if they’re right for you.

Top Men’s Swiss-Legend Watches

Men’s Swiss-Legend Watches Reviewed & Ranked

80040-RG-01-BB Sprint Racer

80040-RG-01-BB Sprint Racer Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This Swiss Legend timepiece is definitely yours to enjoy.

The watch is excellent for men who are always on the go. It has a precise Swiss quartz movement running with chronograph sub dials for the 60-second, 30-minute and 10th of a second functions.

His also sports a date window in between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock spots. The black dial has red accents and luminescent hands and markers, which have rose gold linings.

These are covered by a durable mineral crystal for efficient protection. Its rose gold tone case matches best with the black bezel and the black rubber straps. Absolutely, this watch is only waiting for your attention in the market.

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21368-BB-05-RDAS Avalanche

21368-BB-05-RDAS Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This amazing watch is nothing like any other in the industry.

It has a dominant red color accented by the black case and bezel. Its dial is a matching red tone holding the black luminescent hands and the round hour markers which are luminous as well. The dial also holds the date function along the 4 o’clock marker. Its semi skeleton dial bring excellent design to the entire watch.

These are placed under the protective Sapphitek crystal window. This watch is also a water resistant item, making it highly suitable for your swimming and snorkeling sessions.

Surely a gem for you to enjoy all your life since it is made with high quality Swiss Legend materials.

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10125-YG-010 Challenger

10125-YG-010 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This is a model the Swiss Legend takes pride of introducing to the market. It features its very own Sapphitek protective crystal over the dial. The dial holds all the functional features with quality.

It has the chronograph sub dials that show the days of the week, 60-second and minute functions. The light rose gold tone of the textured dial blends perfectly with the luminous black and white combination of the hands and hour markers.

The stainless steel black bezel carrying white markers also complemented the black silicone band and buckle.

This is the type of Swiss Legend that you should miss especially that it is very affordable.

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10042-01 Monte Carlo

10042-01 Monte Carlo Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

A chronograph that definitely will amaze you with its simple yet highly functional assembly.

It is durable and affordable as well. It has features that include chronograph sub dials that holds functions for seconds, minutes and the days of the week.

It displays a date window along the 4:00 spot which all lie on the black dial, letting all the accessories stand out on their silver tones. The hands and the markers are all luminescent which makes this piece an incredible item to own.

The fact that this item is water resistant ad allows you to swim or snorkel around is definitely a plus that you cannot find in many kinds of watches today.

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40025P-11 Throttle

40025P-11 Throttle Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Another excellent find in the Swiss Legend array of watches is this luxurious timepiece with incredible design and absolutely incomparable function.

Swiss Legend has used its trademark Sapphitek technology to make sure that the dial window is durable. It covers everything in the dial including the chronograph functions, the white luminous hands and hour markers.

The black dial also accommodates the date marker at the 4:00 spot. On the exterior design, the round shape of the stainless steel bezel look extremely luxurious with its stainless steel textured state.

This watch would be excellent to use in the waters, whether you are swimming or snorkeling.

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21046-01-BB-BBLAS  Sprinter

21046-01-BB-BBLAS Sprinter Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Quite away from the traditional colors of luxury watches, this Swiss Legend item is one for the fashion inclined men out there.

Its black and blue color combination shows a cool display of accessories. This chronograph has a black dial that holds the hands, hour markers and date window with blue accented linings.

Its hour markers and hands are luminescent making the entire assembly remarkably stunning. Its cool blue silicone straps perfectly complemented the accents on the dial.

This watch also features a Sapphitek crystal dial cover that protects everything inside with luxury. Definitely this is a must have for every man who are always up and about.

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21818P-BB-01-OBS Neptune

21818P-BB-01-OBS Neptune Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This is the kind of model that you should not dare miss in your collection.

Swiss Legend has absolutely displayed its creativity in this item without the need to risk even a bit of its quality. This watch sports a red and black mix of colors which is just perfect for every man.

This has a black dial with red accents for the hour markers and the hour and minute hands. A date window lays perfectly along the 4:00 line which you can clearly view through the protective sapphire crystal window.

Truly, the machismo in this watch is so dominant that you can’t help but to get a hold of it as soon as you can.

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