Best Tissot Watches to Own (for Men)

Best Tissot Watches

The Gracious Watch family has seen great watches in our lifetimes. We even compiled a list for all the ones that we love and adore. With various brands smothering various price points, one brand in particular stands out from the crowd.

While you can have any watch in the market, you need to stick to a brand you can relate to and trust. Or maybe a brand that has a lot of history. Swissmaker Tissot has a lot offer and within reach of majority of men. From chronographs to dress watches, this La Loche watch manufacture can provide something for all tastes.

Check out these pieces that would look good on your wrist.

1. T0446142103100 T-Sport PRS516 Automatic

T0446142103100 T-Sport Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This is an incredible kind of watch presented by Tissot. It has an all silver set up with a black bezel that looks elegant for its entire assembly. It features a stainless steel case and link bracelet that looks so masculine, perfect for every man. This chronograph assembly has features for hours, minutes, and second functions.

It displays date and day functions at the 3 o’clock spot. The silver dial looks so stunning while holding the hands and hour markers which are also in silver tone.

The markers and hands are all luminescent items, making it excellent pieces for the entire timepiece. The best thing that this watch could offer is its water resistant feature which allows you to go swimming and snorkeling.

However, this watch is not suitable for diving as it is only water resistant for up to 330 feet.

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2. Tissot Men’s T0484172705701 T-Race with Red Rubber Band

Tissot Men’s T0484172705701 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This amazing men’s watch is absolutely a treasure that you can find among the displays offered by Tissot. Firstly, this watch is a water resistant assembly which allows snorkeling and swimming with the watch. Since it allows up to 100 meters of water resistance, it is, however, not compatible for scuba diving.

This chronograph structure has a textured dial that looks exquisite knowing that is has white and red accents on it. It holds the hands and hour markers which are all lined with red hue with a white luminescent fill. It features a silicon bracelet material with clack and red combination of colors.

The overall look of the watch is enhanced by the silver case and black bezel. This is definitely a men’s watch that you should not miss in the market today.

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3. T039.417.16.037.02 White Dial

T039.417.16.037.02 White Dial Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices


Another exemplary watch in the industry is this model by Tissot that is not only highly functional but is also very fashionable. You will never go out of style with this kind of watch from this brand. It features an incredible white, silver and black color combination.

The white dial sit perfectly round holding the chronograph functions, hour markers and hands. It also displays a date window at the 3 o’clock spot, which is perfect for your needs. It has a tachymeter bezel which is silver in color just like its case. The entire assembly is complemented well by the black leather straps of the watch, which makes up for the manly assembly as a while.

Definitely, this is a watch that deserves your attention.

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4. T0794272705700 PRS 516 Automatic

T0794272705700 PRS 516 Automatic Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

An awesome timepiece like this is truly a magnificent find. This watch offers a great deal considering it has the best features when it comes to style and function. This setup is an all-black watch with white and red accents from all round the assembly of the timepiece.

It black textured dial looks so masculine since it has a complementary subdial functions that are also black in color. The watch has a date window at the 3 o’clock area of the face. It features white hour markers and hands. It silver case has a stationary bezel which has an attractive black color and white accents for its tachymeter markers.

Entirely, this watch is a great fid considering it has anti reflective crystal window and black rubber straps.

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5. T065.430.11.051.00 Automatic III

T065.430.11.051.00 Automatic III Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

An automatic watch that is definitely an amazing assembly features simple style yet incredible functions. It has simple black round dial hat features an analog display. It has silver hour markers and matching silver hands. Its 3 o’clock spot displays windows for the date and day functions.

The face is protected by a sapphire scratch resistant dial window. It has a case with a silver shade and a stylish textured link bracelet which is also in stainless steel material. This watch is incredibly perfect for your needs.

It does not only bring you its wonderful functions, but it also adds up to your fashionable items.

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6. PRS-200 Blue Chronograph T067.417.33.041.00

PRS-200 Blue Chronograph T067 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Tisssot has exceeded the expectations of their customers with this incredibly luxurious timepiece. This has features that displays assembly that is fit for the royalty. It has an attractive royal blue dial and sub dials. It has gold accents that complements the dial beautifully.

If you own this watch, you will surely be proud to have one. Its gold case and bezel are extremely lavish that makes the entire timepiece exemplary in all aspects. Even if this item looks very delicate, it has ain credible water resistant function that allows you to go under water for up to 660 feet.

This means that you can wear this watch even if you are on a recreational scuba diving session.

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7. T0134204720200 T-Touch Expert

T0134204720200 T-Touch Expert Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Tissot surely knows the taste of the consumers in the market. With this incredibly amazing timepiece, you can see both digital and analog displays. This truly mascular assembly is nothing like any other.

The fact that it has a water resistant feature of up to 330 feet, makes it highly functional. It features functions such as barometer, compass, and perpetual calendar. It also has an LCD backlight that adds uo to the total functionality of the assembly.

With Swiss Quartz precision and the durability of sapphire crystal, this watch is truly of incredible quality.

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