Best Top 5 Watches That Hold Their Value Most

Best Top 5 Watches That Hold Their Value Most

Luxury Timepieces with the Best Value

Luxury watch purchasing and selling may be a minefield of incorrect advice and poorly chosen purchases for those who are unskilled. Frequently, people are drawn to a watch based on its reputation rather than the chance that it will hold its worth once it is on their wrist.

When it comes to selling watches, some lose value as soon as they are taken out of their packaging, those that fetch millions of dollars due to extreme rarity, and those in the middle that hold their worth over time and may be resold for a profit under the right conditions.

This is a profitable area for watch resale, and this is where you should focus your efforts.

As a starting point for your exploration of the luxury watch resale market, this blog will provide recommendations of several watches that retain their worth the best.

Why Is Maintaining Value Vital?

In the 21st century, collectors and watch aficionados have started to realize that timepieces can make wonderful investment pieces in addition to being worn and appreciated and that the key to making sure that your investment is secure is choosing the best pieces to hold value.

Given the growing popularity of luxury watch resale as a legitimate business model, it goes without saying that if you plan to sell your timepiece in the future for a profit, you’ll want to choose a model that has a good chance of holding its value or even rising in value.

Why Do Some Watch Brands Only Maintain Value?

When buying expensive products like sports cars or designer clothing, it’s not unusual for them to drastically lose value the moment you walk out of the store. This may also be typical for several high-end watch brands.

The following factors contribute to timepieces maintaining value:

  • Rarity
  • Original aesthetics/design
  • Brand
  • Particularly popular brands and models
  • Movie/celebrity affinity

No matter how many people claim to be able to foresee the future of the stock market or the weather, doing so is extremely challenging, if not downright impossible. The only thing you can do is examine historical trends, using this knowledge to direct you toward specific items and brands that may have the best chance of holding their value.

What Watch Brands Have the Best Value Hold?

In general, there are six main brands to take into consideration if you’re seeking timepieces that preserve their worth the best when compared to other manufacturers. Which are:

In terms of collectability and likelihood to maintain and even increase in value over time, the top two luxury watch brands are often regarded as being Rolex and Patek Philippe. This is a result of things like quality, exclusivity, popularity, and brand recognition.


The other watches on the list are the usual suspects; they are the best choices in terms of value preservation but are not as reliable as Patek Philippe and Rolex.

No matter which watches company you select, it’s crucial that you exercise patience. Selling high-end watches requires a careful balancing act between not selling too soon and holding out for the most profit and making sure you don’t completely miss the boat, missing the chance to make the most money possible in the probably irrational dream of making even more.

The Best Timepieces with Value

The most expensive and exclusive timepieces typically retain their worth the best when it comes to individual watches; examples include:


It should come as no surprise that their watches are the most sought-after given that they are the most recognizable and well-known watch brand in the world. There are several options available for Rolex timepieces with value.

One of the most well-known watches produced by the renowned Swiss watchmaker is the Rolex Submariner, which is regarded as a contemporary classic.

The following alternative Rolex investment items have distinguished themselves and continuously held their value in recent years, and it can be anticipated that they will continue on this trend:

Patek Philippe

Few watch companies have the same love for vintage as Patek Philippe. “You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you only look after it for the next generation,” reads their catchphrase.

This is representative of the durability, ongoing popularity, and commercial success of pieces made by this renowned Swiss watchmaker.

Huge fan bases for Patek Philippe watches like the Calatrava and Nautilus guarantee that there will always be a fervent market for them.


The watch worn by James Bond contains several potential investment elements and is priced favorably compared to many of its rivals in the luxury watch industry. It has long been seen as a contender to Rolex.

The following are a few Omega brands to keep an eye out for:

Le Coultre Jaeger

Watches made by Jaeger-Le Coultre are known across the world for their creativity, elegant designs, and skilled craftsmanship. For almost a century, Jaeger-Le Coultre has collaborated with renowned British automaker, Aston Martin.

As a result of this association, some prominent Aston Martin vehicles’ dashboards now feature Jaeger-Le Coultre instruments. The alliance has also produced a special commemorative watch.

The ever-popular Reverso and Memovox models of Jaeger-Le Coultre are candidates for potential value retention.


Watches made by Breitling are recognized for their beautiful and cutting-edge design. Their meticulous craftsmanship and extraordinary performance are meant to uphold the legacy of timekeeping in the aviation sector.

Breitling watches are still in high demand in the business and are frequently bought by both collectors and enthusiasts. Here are some Breitling timepieces you might want to think about:

Label Heuer

Precision and performance have been at the forefront of Tag Heuer watch design for more than 150 years. Tag Heuer watches are synonymous with sports and racing, and they have witnessed some of the most famous athletic events over the years, making them just as beloved by their devoted following as they ever were.

We advise starting your search with the prestigious Monaco and Carrera models if you intend to buy a Tag Heuer watch to hold value.

Why Use Blowers to Sell Your Luxury Watch?

Blowers, which was established in 1970, has spent the past 50 years or more cultivating a reputation as one of the UK and Europe’s most dependable and welcoming locations to buy and sell luxury timepieces.

Tens of thousands of watches have been sold over the years, ranging from more affordable types you’ve probably never heard of to the most extravagant luxury watches costing hundreds of thousands. We understand watches, and we know how to give you a seamless, secure service from beginning to end.

Luxury watch buying and selling can be challenging. At Blowers, we are industry specialists and ready to offer you frank guidance.

We are not just aiming to make quick cash; instead, we want your experience to be as positive as possible.

Check out our comprehensive guide for additional details on how to sell your watch with Blowers.

Contact a member of our staff right away if you’re interested in buying, selling, or part-exchanging a luxury watch with us or if you want more details on which luxury watches keep their worth the best over time.

You can reach us via phone, email, or appointment, at our Mayfair location, or by stopping by our flagship store in Kingston-Upon-Hull for a talk and a look at our merchandise.

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