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best watch brands

List of the Best Watch Brands in the World

What are the world’s Best Watch Brands?

Watches are considered among the most useful accessories or jewelries a person wears. They are used by people from across the globe, and are worn for their usefulness as a timepiece and fashionable item.

Some pocket watches even appreciated as collectible works of art. There are different markets for wristwatches. Some are inexpensive but very accurate, while others are very expensive but are examples of high precision design engineering.

This difference only shows that some watches can be made for no other purpose but to tell the correct time and others serve as adornment or collection. Watches also have a wide variety of style to suit every occasion and match an outfit.

No matter which style you choose, it pays to invest in the highest quality watches, giving you your money’s worth.

Why Choose a Top Watch Brand?

Watches, like jewelry, can serve as timeless collections. There are classic watches that never really go out of fashion. If you want to enjoy wristwatches that can be your investment, go for those that are made by top brands, especially those that are rare, are limited editions, have an active warranty, or worn by a famous previous owner. Buying from a top brand of watch, allows you to benefit from quality and durability. The best watch brands are able to sell their products at a higher cost because people know the fine craftsmanship involved with every piece.

Admit it or not, in purchasing watches, brand reputation truly counts. Ask watch collectors and they would tell you that even if a timepiece does not have a high resale value, knowing that it can last a long time and still provide accurate time makes you get your money’s worth. In addition, you get to enjoy the prestige and elegance with an original, precision mechanical timepiece.

Best Luxury Watch Brands

The demand for the best luxury watch brands is still growing despite the slowdown in the economy. Brands that produce luxurious timepieces are aplenty, but this top ten stand above the rest.

Rank Brand Founded Location Shop
1 Tissot 1853 Le Locle, Switzerland Shop Tissot
2 Citizen 1918 Nishi-tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Shop Citizen
3 Rolex 1905 London, United Kingdom Shop Rolex 
4 A. Lange Sohne 1845 Glashütte, Germany Shop ALS
5 Bulova 1875 New York City, NY Shop Bulova
6 Hublot 1980 Geneva, Switzerland Shop Hublot
7 Omega 1848 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland Shop Omega
8 Oris 1904 Hölstein, Switzerland Shop Oris
9 TAG Heuer 1860 Saint-Imier, Switzerland Shop TAG
10 Patek Philippe 1839 Geneva, Switzerland Shop PP

Top Luxury Watch Brands (In Detail)

Name Details Deals
Tissot Founded in 1853 Tissot was a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches and has been a part of the Swatch group since 1983. It was founded by Charles-Emile and Charles-Felicien Tissot, but is not associated with Mathey-Tissot, another watch making company. Buy Now
Citizen Founded by Shokosha Research Institute of Watches in 1918, Citizen is based in Tokyo, Japan and is one of the biggest producers of watches. It invented eco-drive watches that feature batteries charged by solar power, and atomic timekeeping watches that can synchronize with radio clocks in Europe, Japan and North America. Buy Now
Rolex Rolex is almost synonymous with luxury watch. It was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis and is a commercially powerful brand known all over the world. Buy Now
A. Lange Sohne A. Lange Sohne has been in the industry since 1854. It was started by Ferdinand Adolph Lange and is especially famous for manufacturing watches that rely on mechanical movements instead of quartz movement. Buy Now
Bulova Bulova is a famous watch producer and was started in 1875 by Joseph Bulova. It is known for precise timekeeping, quality and innovative design. Buy Now
Hublot Hublot is another Swiss brand. It was founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980. It has been a subsidiary of LVMH since April of 2008. Buy Now
Omega Omega is also a part of the Swatch group. It was established in 1869. It was the first watch on the Moon and the choice of NASA. It has also been the official timekeeping instrument of the Olympic Games since 1932. Buy Now
Oris Oris is another Swiss luxury watchmaker. It was founded in 1904 by Georges Christian and Paul Cattin. They are best known for manufacturing only mechanical watches. Buy Now
TAG The company was established in 1860 at Switzerland by Edouard Heuer. It produces watches and chronographs marketed globally. In 1999, TAG Group sold TAG Heuer to Louis Vuitton luxury goods conglomerate. Buy Now
Patek Philippe PP is a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1852. Many experts agree that it is one of the most prestigious luxury watch companies in the world, along with the other mentioned above, because it is able to produce some of the most complex mechanical watches. Buy Now

Top Watch Brands for Men

Watches can be considered a popular men’s accessory. Most men would love to wear the perfect timepiece that suits their outfit and personality. Here are our picks for the top watch brands for men.

Name Details Deals
TAG Heuer This company was started in 1860 at Switzerland by Edouard Heuer. It produces watches and chronographs marketed globally. In 1999, TAG Group sold TAG Heuer to Louis Vuitton luxury goods conglomerate. Buy Now
Bell and Ross Bell and Ross is a French company established by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo in 1992. Its watches feature mainly four characteristics, namely accurate Swiss mechanical movements, water resistance, clear visual indicators and special functions. Buy Now
Nixon Nixon is an American watchmaking and accessory company. It is more focused on the youth market. It was started in 1997 at California by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna. It makes quality men’s watches in both automatic and quartz. Buy Now
Seiko Seiko is a Japanese watch company. It is especially famous for Seiko 5, which boasts 5 key features, including water and shock resistance, day and date display, and being automatic. Seiko produces both mechanical and quartz watches. Buy Now
Breguet Breguet is a luxury Swiss watch company established in Paris in 1775. It is now a part of the Swatch group, and is noted for pioneering the tourbillon technology, which intends to counter gravity. Buy Now
Baume & Mercier This is another Swiss watch company. It was established in 1830 by William Baume and Paul Mercier. It is a subsidiary of Richemont. Its first watches showed unconventional shapes rather than traditional round forms. Buy Now
Orient Orient is the top producer of mechanical watches in Japan. It was established back in 1950 but in 2009, it has become a subsidiary of the Seiko Group. Buy Now
Casio Casio is especially famous for its G-Shock and Wave Ceptor collection. This Japanese company is known for making large and durable watches. It also produces calculators, cameras and mobile phones. Buy Now
Stuhrling Original Stuhrling Original is a Greek watch company. It was founded during the 1800s by master watchmaker Max Stuhrling, but was re-established in 1999. It has since then produces a wide collection of stylish watches for both men and women. Buy Now
Blancpain Blancpain is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group. It is a Swiss brand founded by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. It is one of the highest calibre for men, for it is known to create complicated mechanical timepieces. Buy Now

Top Watch Brands for Women

Watches could be seen as a women’s fancy. Here are our top watch brands brands for stylish women:

Name Details Name
Seiko Seiko is a top Japanese watch company. Its collection of timepieces for women depicts style and perfection, excellent for any modern female who knows what she wants. Girls can choose items for everyday use, as well as for very special occasions. Buy Now
Orient Ladies will love Orient’s collection of watches simply because they are reliable and fashionable. They can choose quartz and automatic watches for casual and formal look. Buy Now
Stuhrling This Greek watch has something to offer to women with different personalities. It has classic, sporty, casual, sweet and modern collections of watches. If a girl finds it difficult to choose one, it is best to have one from each. Buy Now
Chanel Chanel is not just preferred by ladies for its perfumes, it is also sought for its elegant timepieces. Make the most of its exceptional jewellery watches that exude sophistication. Buy Now
Marc Jacobs Designer watches from Marc Jacobs made it to the list of top women’s watches because their timepieces offer a wide range of style that will surely meet the expectations of any modern woman. Buy Now
Nixon Nixon is not just a good watch for males, but also for ladies. They offer colorful digital watches, iconic stainless steel pieces, stylish leather watchbands, and even silicone, nylon and canvas watches. Buy Now
Fossil Fossil also makes equally impressive collection for ladies. From casual, classic to luxurious styles, this company has something to offer. Buy Now
Swiss Legend The legend continues for these timepieces for ladies. Girls will love to get a watch from each collection of Swiss Legend because it offers a timepiece for every occasion. Buy Now
Gucci Gucci is an Italian company famous for its leather goods, but for women, it is their elegant watches that are truly remarkable. The watchmaker offers a wide range of styles for classy women. Buy Now
Timex Timex is a popular company, producing quality watches for men and women. Ladies will surely be impressed with both the casual and formal collections of Timex. Buy Now

Best Swiss Watches

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Switzerland produces half of the world’s watches and certainly some of the best watch brands out there. The country’s watchmaking industry is prosperous, and it really is a world leader. In 2012 alone, it exported 29.2 million watches. China may be competing with the Swiss in producing watches, but nothing beats Switzerland in terms of value.

Some of the world-renowned brands are Swiss brands. Their main market includes Hong Kong, the US, China, France, Germany and the rest of the world. You can name as many Swiss watch companies as you like, but three of them stand out as the very best Swiss watches. They have been named market leaders by no less than the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC), Switzerland’s official chronometer testing institute. These are Rolex, Omega and Breitling.

The institute tests and certifies accuracy and movements of the best Swiss watches. After a few days of testing various temperatures and positions, COSC thought about certifying watches as chronometers which should not be confused with chronographs pr chronoscopes that are devices used to record and measure short time intervals. The institute also certifies quartz movements and mechanical calibers.

In 2012, 50 movement manufacturers and companies submitted calibers to the team for testing. A record-high of 1.73 million movements were recognized the popular chronometer certification. Rolex, Omega and Breitling have been consistent market leaders in chronometers. Rolex tops the three, setting 798,935 certified movements, followed by Omega at 526,046 and Breitling with 156,773.

Ranking fourth was Mido at 61, 358 movements, followed by Tissot at 49,625 certificates. In sixth place was Panerai, followed by Chopard and TAG Heuer. Rolex, Hublot and Omega have also made it to the top ten of the Best Swiss Brands 2013, which ranks not just watch makers, but different brands from various industries. Additionally, three companies are considered global leaders in the watchmaking industry, and these are Swatch Group, Richemont and Rolex.

To see the best Swiss watches on Amazon click here.

Best Deals On Watches

Watches could be seen as a everyday essentials, but with the rise of luxury brands, consumers opt for quality besides affordability. It would be such a relief to know that the ultimate brands can also be affordable.

The best affordable watches for one person may be different from another, simply because people differ in what they are capable of buying. However, among the top brands mentioned in the lists above, the ones that offer less expensive alternatives for consumers include Casio, Timex, Citizen, Tissot and Stuhrling.

These are known brands from around the world, and are trusted simply because of the quality of their timepieces. Men and women can definitely choose their kind of watch from these watchmakers. You can always look for the best watch deals online and see if your preferred brand offers one. The top deals on watches can be easy to find these days, for most giant retailers offer them, it would just be up to your scrutiny to spot the finest one for your need. You can also wait for the high-end brands to offer discounts.

Stuhrling and Swiss Legend are among the new brands to make it on the most affordable list, but these two are undoubtedly reputable names in the industry. You might be surprised to know they also offer affordable timepieces. You can check their products online and see how they compare with the others.

To help you decide which item to purchase, reading our reviews page might help. Just be sure to read reviews from watch experts. Looking for reliable reviews may also broaden your knowledge about the timepieces on offer. This way, you can check watches features and check how real customers find them. You can also see if a particular watch suits your needs in terms of features and functions, and not just the style.

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