Casio has a great stronghold on the casual watch market, with the successful G-Shock lineup taking over the wrists of today’s youth. The current consumer taste loves the luminous color, the immense features, and the chunky approach that G-Shocks offer today. The sales results speak for themselves but as those consumers grow up, their taste matures as well.

The same crowd that loves neon yellow bands a while back, will now be starting careers, with a more professional outlook on life. Nothing is more counterproductive than a great suit with a purple G-Shock. Thankfully, Casio has a great lineup that addresses these concerns: the Edifice watches.

Casio Edifice World Time SketchThe Edifice model line of watches within Casio offers that great transition piece from one generation to the next, where it keeps the same features that G-Shocks are known for, but in refined packaging.

With a selection of different materials to accommodate the target demographic, the young professional can enjoy what he finds beneficial in a G-Shock but in a casing that blends better with a crisp white dress shirt, or a cotton jumper knit. With various configurations and sizes, there’s an Edifice to accommodate every man.

If you feel overwhelmed by it, let Gracious Watch help you become educated on the Edifice line to see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Features & Material Selection

For Edifice, the mature selection of materials echoes a refined outlook on Casio. With a selection of forged stainless steel, with a polished finish adds sophistication to a feature-rich watch.

The minute details such as engraved logos within the steel band, 3D molded hour markers, and the lack of clutter on the detail are traits that a young professional looks for that they are growing up, and has a refined taste. With Casio embracing new technology like 3D printing to design the Edifice, it shows a future-ready watch that has the features you expect from Casio.

Feature-wise, Edifice offers many value-added features for the young professional such as Waveceptor atomic clock synchronization, Bluetooth sync connectivity, Tough Solar powering technology to run the Edifice watch, and Super Illuminator to provide a legible watch at night time. The basics are still offered, which include:

  • 100m water resistance
  • Date and weekend display
  • Mineral glass
  • Calendar functionality
  • Phone finder (conjunction with Bluetooth technology)
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • Alarm
  • Dual Time Display

Why Edifice?

I have a friend that bought an Edifice and we had a quick chat on why he chose Edifice against all other watch brands. The personal insight was intriguing and echoes the sentiment that Casio aimed for this product line-up.

Why did you choose Edifice watches over the competition?

“The Edifice has solar technology, mineral top so it’s scratch resistant, Bluetooth and phone integration, which allows different time changes for traveling and looking up time with co-workers in different time zones. It’s a great feature. Once connected to the phone, it automatically updates time and makes Daylight Savings Time changes automated. On top of that, the style is trendy and current for the price point”

And beyond features, what attracted you to the Edifice? Was it the maker? The price? The looks?

“I’ve always been a Casio fanboy, and brand recognition kept me researching on Casio watches. The watch itself looked more than what I paid for it, so it was a bargain in my opinion. Casio knows how to market their products and each line identify to different demographics and personalities. I wouldn’t wear a G-Shock, as it would be too large. However, G-Shock for a regular night out with the boys would be great, and Edifice for work and dates. It’s just the right watch for literally the right time.”

Our Picks

For great options within Edifice line, we have selected several watches that would be great for the hungry, eager young professional looking to make a career for themselves.


Buy It On Amazon

Price: $390.00

Where: Amazon

Size: 52mm

Movement: Quartz

Water Resistance: 100m

Why?: The biggest Edifice watch offering and the most feature-rich offering, which includes Bluetooth sync, and 5- month battery power.


Buy it On Amazon

Price: $224.00

Where: Amazon

Size: 42mm

Movement: Quartz

Water Resistance: 100m

Why?: A feature-rich Edifice watch that offers a more trendy design but in a smaller, more professional package. Slowly transitioning away from a G-Shock, with seeing less aesthetic commonalities.


Buy It On Amazon

Price: $153.00

Where: Amazon

Size: 49mm

Movement: Quartz

Water Resistance: 100m

Why?: It’s not as feature-rich with lack of Bluetooth sync, but the rose gold motif adds sophistication to any wearer’s wrist.


Buy It On Amazon

Price: $117.00

Where: Amazon

Size: 53mm

Movement: Quartz

Water Resistance: 100m

Why?: A big-daddy entry-level Edifice that has a motorsport motif that would look good for any fast-thinking professional.

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