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Best Vintage-Look Watches

Owning a vintage-look watch can be like having the best of both worlds. You get a watch with timeless style, but without any of the technical or authentication problems that true vintage watches may bring. Vintage-inspired watches are having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Here are our picks for the best vintage-look watches under $1,000. This handsome gold-tone watch is a replica of Hamilton’s popular Boulton model …

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NOWA Watch Brings French Sophistication to Your Wrist

  Shaper, the world’s thinnest hybrid smartwatch for travel. NOWA brings French sophistication and legacy timekeeping to today’s digital world by introducing Shaper, the word’s thinnest hybrid smartwatch for active people who work, travel and embrace life. Shaper is the perfect companion for those who want a great looking traditional watch with essential smartwatch features. The NOWA watch dresses you up in elegance for any occasion thanks to its minimalist and clean design. Its 40mm watch face (9,75mm thickness), built …

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Nixon Watch Reviews
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Nixon Watch Reviews

5 Best Nixon Watches Reviewed & Rated Nixon is an American brand of watches notable for its focus on the youth lifestyle market. This page is dedicated to them and you will find up to date and accurate Nixon watch reviews below. Nixon’s watches are typically being sold at specialty boutiques, fashion stores such as Barneys New York and Fred Segal, boardsport retailers, and shops that offer surfing, skating, and snow sports gear or supplies. This brand enjoys a great level of …

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Seiko Sportura Black Dial Black Leather Band Mens Watch
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Seiko Watch Reviews

5 Best Seiko Watches Reviewed & Rated Anyone who is familiar with the pioneering world of wristwatches would have to have been living under a rock not to know the name Seiko. Known the world over for their so-called quiet revolution, it all started with Kintaro Hattori and his vision of excellence. With quality watches spanning a whopping one hundred and twenty-five years and known as the manufacturers of the very first quartz wrist-watch, Seiko continues to make its mark on …

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Stuhrling Original Men's 571.33152
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Stuhrling Watch Reviews

5 Best Stuhrling Watches Reviewed & Rated While the company, not the country, is the normal indicator of whether or not wrist watches are of quality make, it can be incredibly difficult to dispute a Swiss-made watch. This is due to the fact so many incredible timepieces are of Swiss make that people tend to just dive right in. The name and tradition is still important however, and Stuhrling, a Swiss company seeks to protect the incredible reputation of its country …

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Swiss Legend Watch Reviews

5 Best Swiss Legend Watches Reviewed & Rated Ask anybody about which country excels in watch-making and they will likely answer Swiss. Their reputation as unparalleled watchmakers has been around for many years and continues to be a topic of debate for people who truly wonder if the Swiss are the end-all be-all of watchmaking. As a matter of fact companies that aren’t even based in Switzerland have mimicked their distinct watchmaking style, and so this company was born – a company that …

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Hermès Apple Watch

  Imagine a timepiece that fuses the sheer elegance of a luxury standard with the innovative genius of a tech icon. It’s not a fantasy. In fact, the Hermès Apple Watch is just that timepiece. Do we call it a smartwatch or a timepiece? That perhaps is the ultimate question that bubbles up to the surface.   We know Hermès for its undeniable volume of unrivaled luxury goods and clothing. They’ve been a steady force in the world of fashion …

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Tissot Quickster Chrono Soccer

  Watch brands have quickly taken notice of the fact that the NATO style is a stable in the lookbook of men’s watches. Tissot for its part has fashioned a constellation of such looks from luxury to sport. Enter Tissot’s Quickster Chrono Soccer. Robust and refined, rugged and renaissance; this watch has been spotted on the wrists of a who’s who of sports elite and wannabes alike.   While it may be difficult to track one down in a Tissot …

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Top 5 Casio G-Shock Deals on Cyber Monday 2016

Cyber Monday is one of the best days of the year to get an amazing deal on a new timepiece. As an enthusiast on a budget, I always try to take advantage of these sales. At the very least I pick up a new Casio G-Shock since the prices are so great. The first G–Shock, the Casio DW-5000C, was designed in 1983 by an engineer working for Casio named Kikuo Ibe. It was designed to have a 10-year battery life, …

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The BOVARRO MOON 1969 Watch

From the founders of Ferro Watches comes a new Swiss watch brand named Bovarro. The first timepiece to come out of this brand is inspired by the Apollo 11 lunar mission conducted in 1969. There are 3 models in the Bovarro collection – the Lunar, the Orbit and the Celestial series.   Look and Design : If the Bovarro creators goal was to create a bezel that pays perfect tribute to Apollo 11, they absolutely nailed it. The bezel looks similar …

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The MAEN Classic Moonphase Collection

Founded by Sebastian Cortjaens and Jules van Helvoort, MAEN watches is inspired by a ship that changed the course of history. The name of this ship was Halve Maen (‘Half Moon’). The ship owes its fame to the journey it undertook in 1609 to the East Coast of North America. This trip led to the founding of the colony of New Netherlands and the settlement of New Amsterdam, now New York City. As a tribute to it’s brand name, MAEN has just released their classic …

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Apple Watch 7000 Series Review
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Apple Smart Watch Sport 7000 Series Review

Price when Reviewed: $294.00 Buy on Amazon One thing is for sure, the smartwatch industry has never been the same ever since Apple joined in. Before, the smartwatch industry is just composed of small companies and a few Android OEMs releasing smartwatches one after another. But everything’s changed now, Apple came in and just took the competition away from the other companies with the introduction of their own series of Apple Watch. One of them, the so-called Apple Watch Sport …

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Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch Review
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Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Review

Price when reviewed: $199.95 Buy from Amazon The design of the Fitbit Blaze is somewhat lacking. It has two-piece design approach which consists of a body and the band. The body is where the heart rate sensor and the touchscreen display lies which is then popped into a frame on the band. There’s nothing outstanding about this kind of design approach. In fact, most users have complained about the inconvenience of this approach. You have to pop the body out …

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Fitbit Charge HR Review
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Fitbit Charge HR – Review

Price when reviewed: $129.90 Buy from Amazon If you look at it, you would like the simple and sleek design of the Fitbit Charge HR. It really does look a lot like with the Fitbit Charge (the Fitbit Charge is wider though). The HR comes with a better strap and buckle. It also comes with more colors options to choose from: Pink, Tangerine, Blue, Plum, Teal and Black instead of just having four with the Charge. You can’t go wrong …

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Diesel Men's DZ7348 Mr Daddy 2.0 Black Stainless Steel Watch 4
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Diesel Men’s DZ7348 Mr Daddy 2.0 Black Stainless Steel Watch Review

Price when reviewed: $350.00 Buy from Amazon / Buy from The easiest way to achieve a bold yet stylish look, if this is what you are aiming for, is by sporting an oversized piece that comes with a majestic dial. This DZ7348 is another statement piece from Diesel’s wide-ranging Mr. Daddy collection. Get to know what makes this watch a great piece for you by going through the details of this product. Product Features Case– This watch features a …

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Corniche New Limited Edition - Visage N°2 - Gracious Watch - Image 4
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Corniche New Limited Edition: Visage N⁰2

Humans as we are, we have different preferences and prejudices in life. Regardless of our differences, we are all drawn to what is beautiful. And while we have our own perception and definition of beauty, there is one name in the watch industry that has perfectly captured the eyes of many with its stunning and exquisite timepieces. With its belief that watches are both created to tell time and to record stories, Corniche has created extraordinary pieces to turn their …

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Bulova Marine Star 98B203 Watch Review 1
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Bulova Marine Star 98B203 Watch Review

Price when reviewed: $162.65 Buy from Amazon Over time, the watch industry has indeed flourished. Today, there are more watches than we could imagine. However, despite the emergence of new names, many watch enthusiasts still go back to the foundations of watch industry who have set the bar when it comes precise timekeeping. Among them is Bulova, which up to this day, continues to impress with its diverse pieces that embody their tradition of excellence both in design and technology. …

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Philip Ashton Dayhatch II Silver Review - Close Up
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Philip Ashton Dayhatch II Watch Review: Excellent Performance

Price when reviewed: S$599.00 (Singapore Dollar) Buy now: Philip Ashton Dayhatch II Silver For all the gentlemen out there, here is another watch you have been waiting for.  Designed for the adventurer and dream-chaser, Philip Ashton Dayhatch II Watch is an exemplary piece that needs to be in your collection the soonest possible time. This impeccable timepiece exhibits gorgeous and striking display and excellent performance. Product features Case– Dayhatch II features a 42.55mm in diameter and 11mm thick polished stainless …

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Camber Hillclimb Founders Edition Gracious Watch - Silver 4
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Camber Hillclimb Watch (Founders Edition) Review

Price when reviewed: S$299.00 (Singapore Dollar) Buy now: Camber Hillclimb Founders Edition – Gracious Watch Singapore Time is of the essence. If you believe or give high value to your time, you will definitely be head-over-heels with this gorgeous timepiece. This Camber Hillclimb Watch only proves that time matters and every second counts. Timekeeping does not have to be boring, because this watch comes with interesting features and striking design. Camber Features Case– The Camber Hillclimb Watch features a 42mm in …

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Amir Watches Review - Silver and White Dial 4
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Amir (Kazakhstan) Watches Review: Stunning And Precise

Price when reviewed: S$1,499.00 (Singapore Dollar) Buy now: Amir Watches (Kazakhstan) at Gracious Watch Singapore Coming from Kazakhstan’s first watch manufacturer, Amir Watch is now a global name as a creator of some of the world’s must-have pieces. Amir watches are designed to represent beautiful and rich culture of the country through its exquisite styling. This collection of gorgeous pieces perfectly captures the essence of traditional ornaments as incorporated with high quality materials to create another masterpiece. Amir features Case– This Amir watch features …

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Interview with Jeroen Vrinzen, Founder of Vescari Watches 1
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Interview with Jeroen Vrinzen, Founder of Vescari Watches

Kickstarter Campaign: How did you get started with Vescari Watches?  Vescari started a long time ago as a dream that could come true one day in the future. The last couple of years I had worked at several luxury brands including a Swiss watch brand the last 2,5 years and last summer I’ve made the choice to go for it and make this dream come true. Where do you get the idea to create this brand. What inspires you when it …

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Armitron Sport Men's 40-8284 Digital Watch Review 4
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Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8284 Digital Watch

Price when reviewed: $20.99 Buy on Amazon: Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8284RED Large Metallic Red Accented Black Resin Strap Chronograph Digital Watch Product Summary Perfect that sporty look in this striking black and red Armitron combo. Backed with functionality and incredible construction, this Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8284 Digital Watch is a durable piece that will exceed your expectation from its price. Get to know more about this heavy-duty timepiece in this review. Product Specs Case– Armitron 40/8284 features a 53mm black resin …

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Interview with Patrick and Amy, Founders of Detroit Watch Company 3
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Interview with Patrick and Amy, Founders of Detroit Watch Company

How did you get started with Detroit Watch Company? We are 100% independent. Amy and I invested our own money to start DWC. We have maintained our independence throughout the process and have grown the company. Our aim is to celebrate Detroit’s rich history with our timepieces which the city and surrounding area have plenty of. Our latest model, the B24 Liberator played an important role in the arsenal of democracy in WW2. The bomber was built at the Willow run …

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How to Spot a Fake Apple Watch - Gracious Watch
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How to Spot a Fake Apple Watch

As soon as the Apple Watch was announced the market was flooded with cheap knock-offs. All doing their best to mimic the world’s most coveted smartwatch, with some getting closer than others. As more and more of these ‘clone’ smartwatches enter the market, the question becomes: can you tell the difference between a real Apple Watch and a copy? Perhaps the person next to you, who has been proudly wearing an ‘Apple Watch’ for months, has been duped or is …

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Interview with the Director of Phantoms Tourbillon - Felix.L 2
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Interview with Felix.L, Director of Phantoms Tourbillon

The first ever Tourbillon watch is now live at kickstarter: Thank you Felix for taking the time to speak with us today. Please share us more about yourself and your background in this industry. First of all, thanks again for having us and giving us a chance to share our product with you. I am a serial entrepreneur who actively seeks for ways to express my products as an art form. With a background in E-commerce & marketing, I …

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Interview with Brian Faraj, Founder of Brambani Watches 1
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Interview with Briar Faraj, Founder Brambani Watches

How did you get started with Brambani Watches? In our family we’ve always had big interest in fashion and style. But what really sparked the whole idea to design my own watches was a particular character in the famous movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. It was played by Jude Law and I was very intrigued by his style throughout the whole movie. As wealthy man he stood for a style that I can only describe as effortless and flawless, very …

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Calpier Timepieces 4
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Caliper View B1 and C2 Timepieces Review

Live Kickstarter Campaign: Product Summary Just when you thought timepieces can’t get any cooler, here comes the good-looking and functional Caliper View Watches. These are not like your ordinary watches. They are absolutely stunning with their glass dial giving you the perfect view of its complications inside. Learn more about the beauty of the Caliper View watches below. Product Specs Case– The Caliper View watch comes with a surgical grade 316L steel case, which measures 38mm in diameter. Dial– These …

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TW Steel Renault F1 Team Pilot Watch TW683 (Ashford) - Gracious Watch Review 2
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TW Steel Renault F1 Team Pilot Watch TW683 (Ashford)

Price when reviewed: $339.51 (Amazon US) Buy Now: TW Steel Renault F1 Team Pilot Watch TW683 Video Review Product Summary Just because something is monochromatic does not mean it is boring or dowdy. Here is the perfect proof- the TW Steel Renault F1 Team Pilot Watch. Dressed in black with dash of gold, this timepiece is a statement in itself taking your timekeeping experience to something you will always look forward to. Product Specs Case– This watch presents a stainless steel …

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AVI Hawker Hunter 4
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AVI-8 Hawker Hunter AV-4043-02 Watch Review

This watch is available for pre-order at AVI-8 (UK) Store Price when reviewed: £260.00 GBP Search for AVI-8 Watches on Amazon Video Review Product Summary If you are building a closet full of good-looking and high quality watches, then you are about to find a friend in this AVI-8 Hawker Hunter AV-4043-02 watch. With its rugged and fashionable looks, no wonder why this watch is such a hot topic among collectors. If you are a man with great taste in fashion …

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph - PANDA - Review on Gracious Watch
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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Panda 26170ST Watch Review

Price when reviewed on Amazon: $20,850.00 Buy Now: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph 26170ST.OO.1000ST.01 (Stainless Steel Band) Compare Prices On: Video Review Product Summary Dress up and standout in this ultimately dashing and tasteful Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Panda watch. Crafted with style and impressive functionality and strength, there is no way you’re going out without wearing this treasure. Definitely, here’s a timepiece for all the gents! Product Specs Case– This Panda watch features a stainless steel case, …

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