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Anne Klein was an American fashion designer who started her own label of women’s sportswear and apparel in 1968, and if there’s one value that her brand represents, its independence. Just like its creator the brand is committed to creating innovative and passionate styles of watches, which aim is to redefine America’s fashion landscape. Anne Klein herself did not get to enjoy the company she started for a long time, since she died after only six years that the company was born. Nevertheless, the Anne Klein label thrived, and for over forty years, has become synonymous with American fashion. To this day, Ann Klein products continue to provide women their fashion needs, but most importantly help empower them through a form of self-expression. The Anne Klein line of watches are made by E. Gluck Corporation. A noteworthy user of an Anne Klein watch is Mamata Banerjee, the first woman chief minister of West Bengal. See our Full List of Watch Brands