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Based in Minneapolis, USA, Bertucci is one of those small, relatively unknown companies, but manufacture high-quality products, that you come across with from time to time. Despite being new to the watch industry, Bertucci has already established a name for itself and is now considered as an industry leader when it comes to titanium field watches. The brand offers nothing less than outstanding timepieces with high value and durability, with a focus on field watches destined for the great outdoors. Most Bertucci watches are built with alloy titanium and heavy-duty watchbands. Titanium was Bertucci’s material of choice for their watches because it equals the strength of stainless steel, but weighs 50% lighter. What separates Bertucci from other brands of watches is that they design only about six styles of field watches, each having attributes unique only to the brand. Also see our Full List of Watch Brands