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Launched in 2014, ERROYL is an Australian watch company that designs sophisticated, elegant, and enduring mechanical timepieces. The company’s name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “Earl,” a title given to nobility, which means “chieftain.” True to its name, ERROYL is a leader in the watch industry, inspired to design watches that instill respect, class, and longevity.

ERROYL exclusively focuses on designing and manufacturing luxury mechanical timepieces, minus the extravagant price tag. ERROYL watches provide long-lasting elegance for its wearers.

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ERROYL Heritage Royal 300 Limited Edition Full package
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ERROYL Heritage Royal 300 Limited Edition Hands-on Review

Product Summary Revamp your watch collection with this tasteful and cultivated timepiece from ERROYL. Perfect for either formal or casual events, this piece will bring a new look even to your already worn ensemble. Note that a gentleman’s outfit will not be complete without a sophisticated adornment on the wrist. Learn more about the aesthetics and performance of this gorgeously cryptic watch that keeps them guessing. Video Review Product Specs Case– Royal 300 features 316L stainless steel case, which is …

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ERROYL - Gracious Watch - E30 Heritage Rose Collection 3
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ERROYL E30 Heritage (Rose Gold) Review

So I finally got the Erroyl timepiece I have been eyeing on for months now. Erroyl E30 Heritage in rose gold is not only stunning but is also very functional and very durable regardless of the fact that it is designed by one of the newest and most reliable watch-making start up companies in the entire globe. It is a wonderfully structured dress watch fitted for formal or for fashion. I was in awe as I opened the package because …

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Interview With Wes Knight, Founder of ERROYL on Gracious Watch
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Catching Up With The Founder of ERROYL Watches, Wes Knight – 2015

Thank you for speaking to us again today. Would you share a little about yourself and your background in this industry? Thank you for the interview, like many of the small watch companies that have launched in recent years I am new to the industry but have been a passionate collector of watches for many years. My passion for watches stems back to the first automatic watch I purchased, a Seiko Kinetic, back in the mid 1990s.  I was fascinated …

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ERROYL E30 Heritage Black Side Close Up
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ERROYL E30 Heritage Black Watch Review

Product Summary The elegance and greatness of a watch can not be measured by how much jewels or crystals you put into it. The sophistication and substance of E30 Heritage Black goes beyond the glitz and the glamour. It has a minimalist face incorporated with top-notch quality and craftsmanship that is truly grand and world-class. Product Specs Case– The E30 Heritage watch evokes elegance through its 316L marine grade stainless steel case measuring 40 mm in diameter and approximately 10 …

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ERROYL - Introducing a new Australian Watch Company (with Wes Knight, CEO of ERROYL) 8
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ERROYL – Introducing a new Australian Watch Company

The Story of ERROYL ERROYL is an Australian based international watch company, launched in 2014, designing refined, elegant and enduring mechanical watches. The name ERROYL evolved from title of Earl, from the Anglo-Saxon period of British and European history. The title of Earl refers to a member of the nobility. It is these origins that inspire our team at ERROYL to design timepieces that imbue elegance, respect and longevity. At ERROYL we are exclusively focused on designing and producing luxury …

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