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Viceroy is far from being a newcomer to the world of watchmaking. Established in 1951 in Switzerland, the brand has been making some of the best watches in this generation for several decades already. Around thirty years after its creation, Viceroy was sold to Grupo Munreco, a Spanish company. The transition opened up international opportunities for Viceroy, though a number of its ambassadors have been Spanish celebrities, such as Julio Iglesias and Fernando Alonso. Viceroy caters not only to men and women, but to children as well. Timepieces created by the company are bold and dramatic, although in general, Viceroy watchmakers love to play with colors and shapes in order to bring a creative touch to ordinary watch compositions. Under the leadership of Grupo Munreco, Viceroy continues to be a cutting-edge watch brand that provides trend-setting timepieces. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch Brands