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Avi-8 Unveils The Hawker Hunter AV 4052

  Avi-8 has etched its name into the fabric of British watchmaking with a lookbook of timepieces forged from the DNA of the Royal Air Force. These watches go beyond looking smart and robust. They honor the legacy of the war heroes who have sat in the cockpits of British aviation icons like the Hawker Hurricane, the Hawker Harrier and most recently the Hawker Hunter. The brand breaks the sound barrier by ushering in a swathe of timepieces that have …

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Best Vintage-Look Watches

Owning a vintage-look watch can be like having the best of both worlds. You get a watch with timeless style, but without any of the technical or authentication problems that true vintage watches may bring. Vintage-inspired watches are having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Here are our picks for the best vintage-look watches under $1,000. This handsome gold-tone watch is a replica of Hamilton’s popular Boulton model …

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Invicta Women's 15252 Pro Diver Gold Dial Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Watch Review
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Invicta 15252 Pro Diver Women’s Watch Review

The is the perfect timepiece for women who loves to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities. It’s a watch that offers a lot of value than what it looks. Plus, it has a very good price which makes it irresistible for many. If you a timepiece with bling but without being too much, the Invicta 15252 Pro Diver Women’s Watch will suit you. Covered in 18k gold ion-plating, this watch doesn’t miss out when it comes to luxury. To add to …

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Michael Kors Women's MK5661 Analog Display Quartz Rose Gold Watch Review
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Michael Kors MK5661 Women’s Watch Review

It’s a wonderful time to own a watch with good quality and has attention to detail thanks to the number of watch makers that we now have today. While some of these watch makers are not exactly as good as the top brands and labels in the industry, they are still capable of making interesting watches that deserves a spot on your wrists. One of these companies that we’re talking about is Michael Kors. With the introduction of the , …

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Invicta Women's 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch Review
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Invicta Angel Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch Review

Perhaps one of the most fantastic, glamorous and elegant watch for women is the . I can guarantee you that you will end up liking this watch because of how beautiful it looks. One of Invicta’s 30 different collections especially designed for women, the Invicta Angel Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch is definitely worthy of a spot on every woman’s wrist. The Invicta Angel Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch is just so beautiful. It is filled with sparklings all over its watch face. …

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Bulova Women's 96T14 Crystal Watch Review
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Bulova 96T14 Crystal Watch Review

Women love things that are shiny and beautiful. Unfortunately stunning jewelry often comes at a high price point. With the , however, women can now have a shining piece of jewelry that is quite affordable. This watch is such an impressive piece of jewelry that you easily mistaken it a as luxurious accessory. It’s a watch that will complement a woman’s look especially on special occasions and events. This Bulova Women’s 96T14 Crystal Watch features a stunning accent that’s made …

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Citizen Men's JY8035-04E Navihawk Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch Review
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Citizen Navihawk Stainless Steel Watch Review

One of the best things about the is that it almost leaves you with nothing more to desire from a watch. I mean this watch just happens to have almost everything. It has a compass, chronograph, date and much more! Also, this watch is so easy to read thanks to its lumes. The watch runs on solar energy which means that this will surely last much longer than your ordinary watch! As feature-packed as it is, the Citizen Navihawk Stainless …

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NOWA Watch Brings French Sophistication to Your Wrist

  Shaper, the world’s thinnest hybrid smartwatch for travel. NOWA brings French sophistication and legacy timekeeping to today’s digital world by introducing Shaper, the word’s thinnest hybrid smartwatch for active people who work, travel and embrace life. Shaper is the perfect companion for those who want a great looking traditional watch with essential smartwatch features. The NOWA watch dresses you up in elegance for any occasion thanks to its minimalist and clean design. Its 40mm watch face (9,75mm thickness), built …

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Stuhrling Original Men's 858L.02 Octane Concorso

Watch Reviews

Watch reviews from our favourite watch brands Finding the right watch should not be a random decision. It’s important to give it careful thought and a thorough evaluation of the options. Also, it’s important to only look at legitimate and reliable reviews if you are to use reviews or “expert opinions” to guide you in making a choice. You can’t just do a search on Google or other search engines and click on any of the links you find on …

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Best Watch Brands

List of the Best Watch Brands in the World What are the world’s Best Watch Brands? Watches are considered among the most useful accessories or jewelries a person wears. They are used by people from across the globe, and are worn for their usefulness as a timepiece and fashionable item. Some pocket watches even appreciated as collectible works of art. There are different markets for wristwatches. Some are inexpensive but very accurate, while others are very expensive but are examples of …

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Nixon Watch Reviews
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Nixon Watch Reviews

5 Best Nixon Watches Reviewed & Rated Nixon is an American brand of watches notable for its focus on the youth lifestyle market. This page is dedicated to them and you will find up to date and accurate Nixon watch reviews below. Nixon’s watches are typically being sold at specialty boutiques, fashion stores such as Barneys New York and Fred Segal, boardsport retailers, and shops that offer surfing, skating, and snow sports gear or supplies. This brand enjoys a great level of …

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Seiko Sportura Black Dial Black Leather Band Mens Watch
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Seiko Watch Reviews

5 Best Seiko Watches Reviewed & Rated Anyone who is familiar with the pioneering world of wristwatches would have to have been living under a rock not to know the name Seiko. Known the world over for their so-called quiet revolution, it all started with Kintaro Hattori and his vision of excellence. With quality watches spanning a whopping one hundred and twenty-five years and known as the manufacturers of the very first quartz wrist-watch, Seiko continues to make its mark on …

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Stuhrling Original Men's 571.33152
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Stuhrling Watch Reviews

5 Best Stuhrling Watches Reviewed & Rated While the company, not the country, is the normal indicator of whether or not wrist watches are of quality make, it can be incredibly difficult to dispute a Swiss-made watch. This is due to the fact so many incredible timepieces are of Swiss make that people tend to just dive right in. The name and tradition is still important however, and Stuhrling, a Swiss company seeks to protect the incredible reputation of its country …

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Swiss Legend Watch Reviews

5 Best Swiss Legend Watches Reviewed & Rated Ask anybody about which country excels in watch-making and they will likely answer Swiss. Their reputation as unparalleled watchmakers has been around for many years and continues to be a topic of debate for people who truly wonder if the Swiss are the end-all be-all of watchmaking. As a matter of fact companies that aren’t even based in Switzerland have mimicked their distinct watchmaking style, and so this company was born – a company that …

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Michael Kors Access Gage Hybrid Smartwatch Review

The all new is a stylish analog watch filled with some awesome technology inside. This stylish analog essential comes with a built-in activity tracker that will allow you to keep track of your daily goals such as hours of sleep or number of steps. This watch also features dual time zones and can receive notifications from your phone. The Michael Kors Access Gage Hybrid Smartwatch is the second time that the designer company has introduced a connected-timepiece. The new hybrid …

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5 of the Best Luxury Watches for Women

There’s no set definition of a luxury watch as these beautiful pieces span the gamut of style, functionality, and even price points. For some, only watches of the highest quality, from the oldest horological houses fall in the luxury category. Others consider luxury to be associated with the highest prices. But we believe that at its heart, a luxury watch is a high quality timepiece that makes the wearer feel indulged and special when wearing it. With this in mind, …

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5 Unique Luxury Watches

    Lucky is the man contemplating buying a luxury watch. The market is rife with astounding timepieces, from the iconic to the bizarre, that’ll make your heart pound with desire. It’s easy enough to find a classically-styled luxury watch, but you’ll have to try harder if you want a high-end watch that’s both distinctive and affordable. Here, we take a look at 5 unique luxury watches of excellent value. Watches with square cases, while not quite rare, are certainly …

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5 Gift Watches for Your Girlfriend

Choosing a watch for your girlfriend can make even the coolest character break a sweat.  A watch is a personal gift. It has to reflect her style, personality and taste. Not to worry you, but if you pick the wrong one, it might make her think that you don’t know her that well, and then…uh-oh.  Let us help you out: consider these 5 different watches for your girlfriend.  Which fits your lady’s taste? If your girlfriend is professional who loves …

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5 Types of Watches Every Man Needs

If you’re a watch fanatic, then you know that there’s simply no question of owning only one watch. With all the extraordinary variations, complications and striking styles out there, it’s virtually impossible to be satisfied with one style.  We get it.  In fact, we believe there are at least 5 types of watches that every man needs.  Keep reading to find out which we recommend.  The Everyday Watch: Let’s start with the basics. Every man needs an casual, everyday watch …

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Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch Review

It’s hard to keep track of all the new smart watches and fitness bands that have been released over the past year. And if you’re not a big fan of these wearable devices, it would be almost impossible to tell one from another.  Which one is good? Which one is better than the other? This is why we are here to help you distinguish these wearable devices and help you decide which is one is best for you. We have …

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Fossil Q Tailor Hybrid Smartwatch Review

Meet the . It is an everyday hybrid smartwatch made exclusively for the ladies out there. It combines the beauty of an analog watch with smart connectivity to deliver a one of a kind of watch perfect for ladies. Along with new smart technology, the Fossil Q tailor also comes with an amazing battery life that can last up to 6 months. The Q Tailor features a light leather strap with different color options as well as a vintage Arabic …

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Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatch Review

Hybrid smartwatches have become a lot popular these days. These are devices that are one step away from becoming a full smartwatch. One of the interesting hybrid smartwatches that has been getting a lot of attention is the . This is Emporio Armani’s first entry into the wearable tech industry. It is important to note that Emporio Armani is first and foremost a fashion company, so it should be interesting to see what they can bring to the table when …

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Fossil Q Crewmaster Hybrid Smartwatch Review

The is a good example of a watch that embodies beauty, functionality and affordability into one. The Q Crewmaster comes with a huge stainless steel body, big buttons, strong straps,  and chunky lugs. But what else could make the Q Crewmaster the ideal hybrid smartwatch for everyone? Let’s find out. The Fossil Q Crewmaster Hybrid Smartwatch is definitely huge. It has a 46mm round stainless steel case and 14mm thick. The stainless-steel build suggests that the watch is going to …

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Garmin Fenix Chronos Review

Garmin is now trying to enter the realm of luxury smartwatches with the introduction of their new . At first glance, the Chronos can be mistaken as an ordinary watch because of the default analog watch face coupled with an old-fashioned tachymeter around the rim. You have to take a deeper look into the watch before you can really say that this is not just your ordinary smartwatch. First things first, the Garmin Fenix Chronos Sports Watch is fitness-focused smartwatch. …

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Best Dress Watches for Men under $2,000

What is a dress watch?  It’s a graceful timepiece that quietly enhances a business suit or formal wear. Think: analog, thin, and traditional. It should never scream for attention nor appear bulky under your suit.  But just because a good dress watch is discreet, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a delight to behold. Below are five of the best dress watches for men under $2,000. If your hallmark style is subtle elegance, this Baume & Mercier automatic might be …

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Motorola MOTOACTV Review

Motorola first entered the smart fitness watch market with the launching of their . It is a 46mm square gadget that comes with GPS and is run by a 600 MHz processor with Google Android software as well as an accelerometer and a Bluetooth 4.0 connection for tracking time, distance, speed, steps and calories burned during an exercise. This new Motorola MotoACTV smart watch is available with a strap for wearing on a wrist. But you can also have it …

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Best Casual Watches for Men under $2,000

Just because a watch is “casual” doesn’t mean that can’t be excellent quality. Some casual watches, produced in some of the top horological houses in the world, can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Luckily, there’s no need to shell out top-dollar for a great watch. Here are our choice of best casual watches for men under $2,000. Casual watches for under $2,000 that reach “iconic” status are hard to come by. This Omega Seamaster is one of the rare …

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Samsung Gear S3 Review

Finally, the is here and boy what a great smartwatch it turned out to be. It is now bigger, better, and nicer but that is not to say that this smartwatch is not without flaws. First let’s talk about the design. The Samsung Gear S3’s design language is based on a traditional timepiece. This is a different design approach from the Gear S2 which features a futuristic design. The aesthetic appeal depends entirely on whether you like a smartwatch that …

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Casio PRW-6000Y-1ACR ProTrek Review

It’s unusual for an outdoor watch to be lightweight and that is what best describes the . It is a lightweight, carbon fiber watch made for the outdoors. It features triple sensors, countdown timer, and a stopwatch among others. The Casio PRW-6000Y-1ACR ProTrek Watch also sports a design that makes it an ideal daily watch. The Casio PRW-6000Y-1ACR ProTrek is analog-digital watch. The display features 2 LED lights to assure its visibility and readability even in low-light environments. With the …

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Bulova Precisionist 98B212 Analog Watch Review

Bulova is long known for its remarkable history in the watch industry. As such, they are responsible for so many beautiful and elegant watches that we all love. Their rich and fascinating history in the watch industry has enabled to them to craft the most interesting watches to date like the one that we have here:the . What makes the Bulova Precisionist 98B212 remarkable? Well, first its design and build quality. The watch’s design should be the key-selling point of …

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