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It was in 1946 that Asher and Rebecca Loftus founded Accurist in the Clerkenwell district of London. Their primary aim for establishing the company was to create a brand name of long-lasting significance. Accurist watches are crafted exclusively from Swiss components, a guarantee that they would be of unparalleled quality and appearance. What separated the brand from other names, though, was the fact that Accurist became the first ever watch company to aggressively endorse the 21 Jewel lever-movement, which minimizes positional error and is an attribute present only in quality watches. This move was later followed by competitors, which lead to Accurist breaking out of the conventional mold of watch advertising and producing their first television campaign aired on the show “Sunday Night at the London Palladium,” one of the most widely viewed T.V. program of its time. See our Full List of Watch Brands