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Armand Nicolet

The history of Arman Nicolet brand of watches dates back to 1902 when Armand Nicolet, son of a watchmaker, set up his first watch business. Nicolet showed technical maturity by producing a sophisticated pocket watch complete with a single button chronographic function, repeating hours, quarter hours, minutes, and a complete calendar. His watches are a masterwork of pure beauty, and continue to stir up interest among global aficionados to this day. When Armand died in 1939, the family business was succeeded by his son Willy, who then developed the enterprise into one of the most important facilities in Tramelan, Switzerland. What separates Armand Nicolet watches from other brands of watches are their distinguished design, authentic style, and incomparable quality. All the company’s watches are also handmade and are considered high grade in terms of its watchmaking process. See our Full List of Watch Brands