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The brand was born in Milan in the year 1939 under the Binda Group of companies. It was three years after its founding that it produced its first-ever wristwatch. At first, the company focused on a line of alarm clocks, but later on included wristwatches in their line of products as well. Breil watches are very distinct, carrying strong Italian character and are notable for refined style and good taste. They also possess a unique blend of original detail and classical elements, making Breil a sought-after watch brand. In 1956, producer Innocente Binda made an strange and unique promotional move. In order to prove the durability of Breil watches, he dropped some 302 meters from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Today, Breil still captures the hearts of collectors by continually establishing watches with unique style relevant to market trends. Also see our Full List of Watch BrandsBest Breil Watches to Own (For Men)