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Bulova is one of those watch companies with a very rich history. Joseph Bulova founded it in 1875 as a small jewelry shop. In 1911, the company began manufacturing and selling table clocks and fine pocket watches. A year later, it set up its first plant dedicated solely to the production of watches. It was in 1919 that Bulova introduced its first full line of jeweled wristwatches for men, and by 1923, the company has become a renowned watch company. It was Bulova that created the first innovative change in timekeeping technology after over 300 years by discovering Accutron, a technology that uses a 360 hertz tuning fork as the timekeeping element instead of a balance wheel. In 2008, the Bulova Watch Company was sold to Citizen. Together, the two are now the world’s largest watchmaker. Also see our Full List of Watch BrandsBulova Marine Star 98B203 Watch ReviewBest and Most Affordable Bulova Watches According to Price Range – Bulova Buying Guide7 Extremely Elegant Bulova Men’s Marine Star Designer TimepiecesBest Selling Bulova Accutron Watches for MenBest Bulova Watches to Own (for Men)