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Founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1955, Corum is a watch company that makes high-quality luxury timepieces. The company’s claim to fame when they launched a watch made of a twenty-dollar gold piece that became an instant bestseller. Corum is also known for its benchmark watch series – Admiral’s Cup. What makes Corum a world-class watchmaking company is the technical excellence and aesthetic appeal found in its watches, most of which are limited editions. The company is committed to preserving the expertise and values of fine watchmaking, and has been adopting boldness and creativity as its main principles for sixty years now. Finally, while Corum desires to stay true to the path marked out by its founders, it also makes sure that each timepiece made by the company has an influential modern touch to it. See Also: Full List of Watch BrandsBest Corum Watches to Own (for Men)