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Any fashion lover would immediately recognize the name DKNY. Since 1989, this brand owned by fashion designer Donna Karan has been producing luxurious and comfortable apparel and accessories, not only for men and women, but for children and infants as well. DKNY watches, in particular, demonstrate what Karan believes in, especially when it comes to versatility, innovation, creativity, and quality. Each DKNY watch is sure to complement a variety of different fashion styles, since each watch is designed and created with the “seven easy pieces” philosophy in mind. DKNY watches are easy to recognize, not only because they carry with them the DKNY logo, but because of the creative touches, high quality construction, innovative design, edgy style, and unparalleled versatility that they have in them. Most importantly, each DKNY watch seems to possess a quality that tells the whole world, “It’s about the lifestyle.” See Also: Full List of Popular Watch Brands, Best DKNY Watches to Own (for Women)