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Frederique Constant

While the Frederique Constant brand has only been established a luxury brand in 1988, it was actually in 1904 that the company was founded. It all started when Frerique Schreiner joined forces with Constant Stas to produce watch dials for other Swiss watchmakers. After more than a decade, the two were already combining innovation and high quality to make their own luxury watches. In the last ten years, Frederique Constant has become one of the leading luxury watch brands in Switzerland, and all this because of the finely crafted and well-designed timepieces the company produces. The brand’s reputation even became more prominent with its introduction of the Silicium escape wheel in 2008. Today, Frederique Constant remains as one of the most coveted brands of luxury watches not only because of its quality, but also because of its affordability. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch Brands