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Hublot (pronounced in French as ‘ooblo’, which means “porthole”) was founded by Italian Carlo Crocco in 1980. It made history by designing the first watch ever to use natural rubber strap, which took three years to create. This breakthrough became the inspiration for watchmakers worldwide, so that in the mid-90’s most watch companies would start using rubber for their watches. The technology proved to become very successful that to this day, Hublot still uses rubber bracelets and will undoubtedly continue to do so. What makes Hublot a classic watch brand, though, is that the company’s strength resides in a very clear identity, which is the art of fusion. This uniqueness allows Hublot to come up with timepieces that combine both tradition and innovation and making them one of the most sought-after watch brands today. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsBest Hublot Watches to Own