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Maurice Lacroix

The Maurice Lacroix brand was established as part of Desco, a company involved in the silk trade. In 1975, Desco started manufacturing watches under the name Maurice Lacroix, and within five years, the brand would be so successful and would start making luxury watches in-house, a unique ability that is not commonly found in most watch companies. Fast forward to the next five years, and Maurice Lacroix would launch “Les Mécaniques,” a high-end watch line that would later be renamed to “Masterpiece.” It was during the release of this line that the brand experienced a huge growth. Today, Maurice Lacroix timepieces are recognized for their unique design and durability. With over 4,000 shops worldwide, the brand is no doubt one of the finest Swiss watch manufacturers in the world. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsBest Selling Maurice Lacroix Watches for Men