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Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a fashion legend who started his own fashion line in the early 80s. He started to gain attention in 1983 after receiving the First American Original award from Dupont. Several years later, he would receive more awards for being one of the best menswear and womenswear designers in the world. His attention to detail and commitment to function and form would eventually be highlighted in his timepiece collection, with each of his watch being intricately designed with high-quality materials and made sure to coordinate with his clothing line. Michael Kors watches represent what true luxury watches should be all about. Just one look at a Michael Kors watch and one would easily conclude that KORS timepieces are an opportunity never to be missed. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsWho is Michael Kors – InfographicMichael Kors Watches on Clearance Sales (Above 40% Discounted)Best Michael Kors Watches for MenBest Michael Kors Watches to Own (Men)Top 7 Discounted Michael Kors Watches for WomenBest Selling & Affordable Michael Kors Watches For Women (Under $200)