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The Pulsar watch brand burst into the watchmaking scene in 1972 with its first ever LED watch. Since then, the company has been recognized as a leader in adventurous and cutting-edge watch design. Pulsar was originally under the Hamilton Watch Company, but was purchased by SEIKO in 1978. The transition to SEIKO gave Pulsar an even wider market and was positioned above Lorus, which is also under SEIKO. Pulsar designs and creates it watches centered on the proposition “Tell it your way.” This is based on the idea that every customer is an individual who seeks to express his or her personality through a timepiece. Today, Pulsar continues to operate based on this philosophy, a philosophy that has propelled the company to come up with some of the best watch lines in the world in this generation. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsBest Pulsar Watches for WomenBest Selling Pulsar Watches for MenBest Pulsar Watches to Own (for Men)