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A pioneer in the use of scratch-proof materials in watchmaking, Rado was formed in 1917 as Sclup & Co. The company produced watch movements only until 1957 when it launched its first line of watches under the Rado brand name. Five years later, the Rado Diastar was introduced; it was the world’s first ever scratch-proof watch. In 1968, Rado became part of the Swatch Group, which was then operating under the name ASUAG. One of the highlights in the history of the company was when Rado created the V10K, a watch with a Vickers hardness number of 10,000, making it the hardest watch on Earth. To this day, Rado continues to produce design-oriented timepieces, most of which are truly groundbreaking and record shattering. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch Brands