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The adventure of one of the most successful watch groups in the world began in 1983, when a line of affordable plastic watches came to being. The world of watches turned upside down when the first Swatch watch was introduced, because suddenly, a watch is no longer just a piece of accessory that tells time, but has become a language and a way of life. Swatch watches are very unique. In fact, they are so unique that anybody would recognize a Swatch watch when they see one. Whether it’s the combination of colors, the plastic, or the design, Swatch matches are not difficult to distinguish. Since its birth, the Swatch brand has already released a number of offerings, each family having its own distinct features. Today, Swatch is considered a household name in the world of watches and will simply continue to be one of the largest and most successful suppliers of world-class fashion and sports timepieces. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch BrandsBest Swatch Watches for MenBest Swatch Watches for Women  

The creation of Swatch is a prime example of creating something out of necessity due to the changing landscape around them. The Swiss were forced to comply in order to avoid an economic downturn and it led to creating the world’s largest watchmaking firm, covering over 10 brands with various price points and demographics. If …

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Swatch Men's YCS410GX Windfall Chronograph Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch Review

Read: Best Swatch Watches for Men Price when reviewed: $129.32 Buy now: Swatch YCS410GX Windfall Chronograph The Swatch YCS410GX Windfall Chronograph Silver Watch is a versatile timepiece and goes well with nearly any outfit that you might wear. The piece normally comes with the black dial in contrast with the shiny and stainless steel band. This wristwatch …

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Best Swatch Watches for Men

Introducing itself to the watch market in March of 1983, Swatch has become a leading Swiss watch maker and one of the world’s most popular brands. The Swatch philosophy focus’ on creating timepieces based on color, movement, lightness and transparency. With a strong presence in the world of sport and art, owning a Swatch timepiece …

Best Swatch Watches for Women

Top 7 Women’s Swatch Watches Swatch is a brand that deserves your time. No pun intended, they’re one of the big companies within the watch industry and always produces great watches. In every price sector, Swatch has exposure and a presence either through their own brand or the many sub-brands they own. Featuring many materials …

Swatch SFK300G Women's Casual Watch

Check out this article: Best Women Watches Under $100 Product Specs High quality analog quartz mechanism Silver toned dial with Arabic numeral markers and hands (hour and minute only) Mineral crystal protects the dial from common scratch damages Stainless steel silver case and bezel Silver toned, stainless steel bracelet with jewelry clasp; women’s standard length, …

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