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Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Corporation was founded in 1985. Under the leadership of founder Tommy Hilfiger himself, and CEO Fred Gehring, the brand became one of the most popular fashion brands in the United States. The brand is more known for apparel, jewelry, denim, and fragrance, but it also produces high-quality fashion timepieces. In 2001, Tommy Hilfiger licensed the Movado Group to design, produce, and distribute their watches. Since then, the two companies have been in partnership in producing some of the best timepieces America has ever seen. Tommy Hilfiger watches are well designed and combine classic style with fun, modern, quality craftsmanship. With the kind of commitment the company has in terms of watchmaking, it will be no surprise if they continue to be one of the most coveted watch brands in the world. See Also: Full List of Popular Watch Brands10 Best Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Collection Watches on AmazonBest Tommy Hilfiger Watches for Men